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Get a free copy of XCOM-like tactics game Hyena Squad!

Hyena Squad Release Date


If you want a mobile phone-based turn-based tactic, you really have a number of amazing choices, such as the recent Warmore Hammer Quest: Silver Tower games or the premium PC release of the mobile phone premier PC Saga. So to show just how good the turn-based tactics of mobile phones are, we have chosen to partner with Wavelight Games for this week’s offer – a well-known developer for strategy topics such as Demon Rise and Shieldwall Chronicles.

Our offer this week is Hyena Skode, the latest science fiction theme in Wavelight. Constantly following in the footsteps of the popular XCOM, the game puts you in the shoes of a team of special ists and sends you to an enemy space center to save a primitive target. Hyena Squad gives you four classes to play with – heavy guns, obscure scouts, armored special ists and powerful psychology .in.

Playing with the strengths of each of these classes, you will have to fight through 12 levels of the game, full of enemies, bosses and various objectives to accomplish.

If Hyena Skode looks like a game of your kind, feel free to enter below for a chance to get a copy. Please look at our terms and conditions first.


Hyena Skode – iOS offers

For those of you who can’t wait to blow up a few buddies to forget, you can find the Hyena Skod App Store. If you want a few more similar games, be sure to check out the list of the best games like XCOM on our phones!


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