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Genshin Impact’s map and character roster will expand with future updates

genshin impact update main characters


If you have already started your journey through the beautiful world of Thewat, you may be wondering if a major Jenshin effects update will work. Well, developer miHoYo has now shared with its plans IGN Japan to add new characters, locations and more to its popular Open RPG. With Jenshin Impact becoming a live service game, Maihoyo sees the vanilla version as a “first step” towards a broader experience.

You can expect the list of characters in the game to grow beyond the starting 20 heroes, and more side issues and character-specific missions will come in future updates. On top of that, miHoYo has announced that it is developing a third major urban environment. This will greatly expand the world of Jenshin Impact, two key locations: Mondstad and Liu.

Since the next General consoles are in the corner, it is not surprising to hear that a next-generation version of the Jenshin effect is planned. This does not seem to be a simple port, Maihoyo’s spokesman said, discussing “future visual improvements.”

Here is a recent sports trailer:

If you’re an Xbox fan, you may feel a little abandoned. Unfortunately, this is not going to change anytime soon, as Miho has confirmed that there are currently no plans to bring the Jenshin effect to Microsoft’s consoles. If you really want to see all the nonsense, you can catch it now App Store or a Google Play.

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