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Genshin Impact launches giveaway to celebrate the largest Discord server ever

genshin impact discord giveaway


It is safe to say that the Jenshin effect has taken the gambling world by storm. The original trailer was dismissed as similar to Legend of Zelda: Breathe of the Wild (which sounds like a bad thing), but players immediately warmed up to RPG in the open world. In our Jenshin Impact review, we said that it was a “pleasure to explore” and, to be honest, we were still exploring.

It became clear recently Lots Athletes explore the Tovatt world and are also involved with the community aspects of the game. As such, Jenshin Impact recently surpassed Minecraft as the largest discode server on the platform. Its client currently has 733,911 members – comfortably ahead of Fortnite at 620,399 and Minecraft at 647,619 – but unfortunately that is not causing a rapid increase.

The Discode server has reached the upper limit for the number of members – something we have never seen before, something we did not know existed. So, if you are trying to get involved in fun, you will have to wait a while. However, for those of you already lucky enough to be in, the developer makes a big donation at the miHoYo celebration.

The lucky winner will receive an iPhone 12 Pro Max prize and 5,000 runners-up will receive a blessing from the Welling Moon. Another 50,000 will get 50 Primogam, which is better than I guess, but fair.

The Discord Server has complete information on how to log in, so go check it out. Unfortunately, we were not able to log in before it was maximized, so we do not know if there is a complicated registration process, one-click access, or any other type of custom. An opportunity.

However, if you are unable to access the conflict at this time, do not worry. We have a list of Jenshin Impact codes where we can get all the free goodies and offers currently available in the game.


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