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Genshin Impact has earned $100 million in two weeks

genshin impact money


Mihoyo’s recently Zelda-inspired RPG, Jenshin Impact, reportedly grossed $ 100 million in the first two weeks after launch. This information was revealed by Daniel Ahmed, a senior analyst at Nico Partners, who obtained information from the sensor tower. “The game was the # 2 highest-grossing iOS on iOS in its first week,” says Ahmed. “According to App Annie, the game has been downloaded more than 23 million times on iOS and Android in the first week.”

For those unfamiliar, Jenshin Impact is a free-to-play RPG that was launched in late September on both the console and mobile platforms. The game allows you to explore a fantasy world and gather a party of heroes for real-time battles.

But Jenshin Impact has become hugely popular, revolutionizing the free mode to play and while the players can get very high quality RPG – see our Jenshin Impact Review for more details! Overall, this popularity means that Miyo has already covered the cost of developing the game. As Ahmed himself puts it: “Engaging makes money.”

If you want to see some of the Jenshin effect, here is a sports trailer:

The popularity of Jenshin Impact is a positive sign for the future of the sport, and last week news broke that Miyoho plans to expand the map and character list of the sport.

If you want to play Jenshin Effect yourself, you can find the game Google Play and App Store. We have plenty of content to help you get started, including the Jenshin Effects Guide, the Jenshin Effects Layer List and the Jenshin Effects Code, then you’re free to play!


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