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Galaxy Z Fold 2 durability test reveals major fixes and enduring flaws

samsung galaxy z fold 2 teardown durability test


samsung galaxy z fold 2 teardrop durability test

  • Jerry Rigg Everiting tests the durability of the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2.
  • The waist is better at repelling dirt than the original fold.
  • The scene is more fragile than ever.

If you want an illustration of how Samsung’s flexible phone technology has improved, look no further. Jerry Rigg Everthing (Zack Nelson) via Galaxy Z Fold 2 a Durability test, And it is clear that the waist is significantly more reliable than the original fold – although the same cannot be said for the internal display.

Unlike the first fold in the Galaxy Z Fold 2, it has a dirty hint and works properly even after being covered on Earth. Nelson keeps the waist clear up to the chalk belt (already seen on the Galaxy Z Flip). You do not want to be frustrated if you cannot get the right pitch so invest in a good capo that keeps the phone in your pocket.

It is also particularly strong. No matter how hard he tried to bend the phone back, Nelson could not move his waist.

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However, the durability test was not kind to the internal Galaxy Z Fold 2 display. The screen is still easy to scratch, even with nails. You will want to leave the protector on, as it may be your only defense against an expensive replacement. This does not guarantee that you will ruin the scene, you just need to be gentle. The exterior display (used by Gorilla Glass Victus) is at least as scratch-resistant as you’ll find on most other modern phones.

Nelson said the fingerprint reader built into the power button was “pickled” at the top and could not be trusted quickly after a few scratches.

The test suggests that Samsung has made great strides in durability with the Galaxy ZZold 2, but it still extends beyond the limits of flexible displays. This remains a device for early users – it is closer than Samsung can bring foldables to the mainstream.


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