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Galaxy Note 20 Ultra’s S-View case is causing screen burn-in for some users

samsung galaxy note 20 ultra s view flip cover brown


samsung galaxy note 20 ultra s view flip cover brown

  • Galaxy Note 20 Ultra owners report screen burnout when using the S-View Flip Cover.
  • When you stop using the case it seems to go away.
  • It is not clear what the cause may be.

You may want to consider choosing your case for the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra, at least for a while. Users are active Samsung Forum and Reddit Reporting (via Android Police) Using the S-View flip cover for the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra can cause the screen to burn out, including the color of the side where the case is visually displayed.

If your phone is affected, the problem seems to go away when you switch to another case. It is not clear whether software utilities can solve the problem.

It is also unclear what caused the problem. Some speculate that the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra burnout may have been caused by a software bug that did not disable the screen section that uses the S-View flip cover. We are asking Samsung for feedback.

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Due to the nature of the technology, almost any phone with an OLED screen will burn out. Keep a static item on the screen for a long time, you will usually see traces of that item temporarily. However it is rare and rarely happens even on phones that always use visuals. They usually have methods to prevent OLED board image retention.

This does not seem to affect everyone and depending on the nature of the problem it can be fixed with an update. These types of issues are unusual for Samsung. But for now, if you’re determined to keep your phone ‘s display as antiquated as possible, you may want to consider another opportunity.


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