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Fortnite is unlikely to return to iOS before August 2021

Fortnite Banned


Apple has decided not to allow Epic Games to re-apply to the Apple Developer Program for at least a year. Epic has filed a preliminary injunction to lift the ban, which means that Fortnight will not be able to return to iOS until at least August 2021. Weekend.

For those unfamiliar, Fortnight is no longer on Google Play or the App Store after Apple and Google launched an epic game to prevent a 30% cut in all microcontrollers. Epic, however, anticipated a response, filed a lawsuit against the tech giant, and even published a satire on the 1984 Apple Commercial game. The Macintosh is the revolutionary force that broke IBM’s monopoly on the computer market.

“Apple has once stood up against it: a behemoth that seeks to control the market, block competition and suppress innovation,” the injunction said. “Apple is bigger, more powerful, more powerful and more harmful than the monopolies of the past. With a market value of nearly $ 2 trillion, Apple’s size and reach is far greater than any technology monopoly in history. ”

Following is Daniel Ahmed’s tweet with the relevant snippet.

Epic claims that the lawsuit against the multi-trillion-dollar group will not result in financial compensation or favorable treatment. Instead, it seeks to ease Apple’s so-called ‘monopoly’ across the iOS app distribution market and the in-app payment processing market.

If you want complete information about the case, you can find it in our Fortnight Apple Guide or our feature on how to be a real victim of Apple vs Epic.


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