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Ford Bronco Concept Is a Badass Wildland Fire Rig

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  • Ford has teamed up with Filson, an outdoor apparel company, to unveil the concept of the Bronco Wildland Fire Rig, a vehicle built to go anywhere and put out fires.
  • The concept is based on the four-door Badland Bronco with the Bronco Saskatchewan package made from the most efficient factories you can buy.
  • As part of the partnership, Ford and Philson are working to support the National Forest Foundation and some of its initiatives.

    Ford teamed up with Filson, an outdoor apparel company, to create Brunco ​​ready to put out the fire and assist the National Forest Foundation. The Bronco Wildland Fire Rig concept includes the tools that wildlife firefighters need from bumper to bumper, and those firefighters are the best way to get anywhere.

    The concept is based on the four-door Badlands Bronco with a Saskatchewan package, making the factory-made Bronco more capable. A winch and roof rack adorn the exterior of the vehicle and also have an LED light bulb. Behind a 50-gallon water tank sits a water pump and fire hose, as well as a jack with a chain and a lift. Ford said the concept is meant to be “a model of future firefighting equipment.”

    The material from Philson covers the interior of the concept, with door bolsters, armrests and ottergreen cut out of duck fabric seats. Sewing through leather seats is an inspired pattern on the inside of Philson’s lower coat. Filson logos and Filson brass are also placed throughout the interior.


    That is a significant point The main reason Forest fires, climate change – a Man-made eventAccording to science scientists, there are no marketing or promotional materials for the project, and Ford is looking at the Mac-E launch and the upcoming electric F-150 pickup in response to the changing climate.

    ford bronco wildland fire rig concept


    However, the concept is part of a larger partnership between Ford and Philson to raise funds to promote the National Forest Foundation’s afforestation programs and wildlife awareness. This is done through the limited edition Ford and Philson Gears on the Philson website. The Bronco Wild Fund, an endowment fund that receives a share of every Bronco and Bronco sports sales, has also donated two four-door Broncos in line with the concept.

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