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Five Useful Features We’d Like to See Added to iPadOS



Apple introduced new updates with iOS 14, including an updated home screen, widget support, updated widget designs, an app library for organizing apps, a translation app, changes to messages, a rolled up version of Safari, and more. What is included. Many of these features also come with the iPad 14, an iOS 14 assistant designed for the iPad, but with a few key features omitted.

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In addition, even 10 years after the release of the first iPad, the long-awaited iPad features continue to disappear from the iPad. Read on for some of the features of iOS 14 that have not been brought to the iPad, along with some of the features we would really like to see Apple introduce.

Customizable widget on home screen

With iOS 14 ‘, Apple redesigned the widget, introducing new designs, functionality, and customization options. These widgets have come to iPods as well, but there is one key feature – the ability to drag a widget out of today’s view and move it to the ‘home screen’.

On the iPhone, you can grab any widget and add it to the “Home screen” next to your app icons, but you can’t do that on the iPad. From the iPad 13 to the iPad today there is an option to display the widget on the “Home screen”, but only in landscape mode and on the left side of the display.

There is no option to place the widget wherever you want, and why the feature was not added is a complete mystery according to the extra screen real estate on the iPad.

Application library

With a customizable home screen, the app library is missing from the iPad. On the iPhone, the app library lets you swipe to the end of the app pages to access a directory screen with all your apps installed for easy access.

It’s not available on the iPad, which means that iPad owners do not have the same level of home screen customization as they do not have features such as the ability to hide app icons and hide pages from the home screen.

Translate the application

The translation app is a master language that adds a specialized translation app that works with text and speech translations with new features such as dialog mode to communicate with someone who speaks another language.

Translate is obviously an app that Apple intends to use with Travel, but while the iPad is not often a quick access travel device, a translation app can be useful even on the big screen. We have a few emails from confused readers asking why the translation app is not on the iPad, we have no answer.

IPod 14 includes built-in translation features for Safari, as in iOS 14, but this is different from the translation app.

Extensive shows

With the iPad Pro (and the upcoming iPad Air) you can access the external display using the USB-C port, but the feature seems to be half burned out. When you plug in, your iPad screen will be reflected on the target display, but it will not show full screen. There is no option to close the display on the iPad when using an attached monitor, it will divert attention.

Apple also did not add an option to extend the view and it would be a more useful option than the mirror. There are a few apps that can do a lot more with a second screen like iMovie, but there is no full local support for extending the desktop.

Multi-user support

Ten years after the launch of the first iPad, Apple has been pushing the iPad as a PC replacement for several years, but there is still no multi-user support. There is no option to share the iPad with anyone, but there are different Apple IDs, presumably Apple wants to increase sales of its own iPad for everyone in the family.

Apple has added multi-user support for classrooms so that children can share the iPad between different classes, but it does not seem to be a priority for non-educational opportunities.

Are there any other features you’d like to see added to the Apple iPad, or missing out on the iPad 14? Let us know in the comments.


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