If you’re looking forward to getting your hands on Samsung’s 2021 flagship, new leaks have revealed some details about it, showing off the phone’s potential design and release date. Since this information is unofficial, although the real Galaxy S21 may look different, this leak still sheds some light on what to expect early next year.

Galaxy s21 leak front Galaxy s21 leak side

Based on the pictures, the front of the phone has not changed much compared to its predecessor, and the future device is very similar to the S20, including a slot in the center of the screen to hold the selfie camera. However, the rear end is raised and stretched out of the frame by setting up a new camera, which creates a thick bump. However, the number of shots remains the same and there are three rear cameras, at least on the “standard” S21. According to Steve Hammerstofer (N OnLeaks), The device boasts a 6.2-inch flat display and a mm. 151.7 x 71.2 x 7.9 mm.

Most importantly, rumors suggest that this mobile phone may be launched in January 2021. Also, although only the design of the S21 has emerged so far, the company still expects to launch three devices, including the “Plus” and “Ultra” models.

There is much that is not yet known about Samsung’s future flagship, including Samsung’s battery size and specifications. We are not sure if it will be called Galaxy S21 or S30 as its name has not been confirmed yet. We will post you as you learn more about the company’s future lineup.

As mentioned above, Samsung is likely to launch an S21 Ultra parallel to the “regular” model. The top-level device is now leaked and reveals more about the upcoming lineup.

The pictures show that the S21 Ultra should come with a curved display with a curve of 6.7 to 6.9 inches. The larger display means that the phone is larger than the S21 and measures approximately 165.1 x 75.6 x 8.9mm.

S21 Ultra Leak 1 S21 Ultra Leak 2

The main difference in the design is the rear and a 1.9 mm thick camera module explodes behind it. The “standard” S21 has four sensors on the second with LED lighting that are not part of the camera setup.

S21 Ultra Leak 4 S21 Ultra Leak 3

Finally, the S21 Ultra does not appear to have an S-Pen slot, which means it will not ship with one. It’s not clear if the device will still be compatible with the Samsung Stylus, but even so, you’ll need to take it separately.