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Ferrari Built a Gorgeous One-Off 812 Superfast

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Ferrari has unveiled its latest consumer car, the Dark Red Omologato. It’s really beautiful, fast, guaranteed. It dropped Fiorano and worked well there, but we got no hips.

The Ferrari 2009 P540 is the 10th front engine V-12 one-off Ferrari delivered from the Superfast Aparta. It was made for an “intelligent European client,” Ferrari said. Ferrari says Omologoto is “the latest in a line of unique models built by a unique coach.” Hitting the top of the track.

The car sits in the 812 Superfast and is a good V-12 powered place to start. Since then, the designers, led by Flavio Manzoni, have changed everything. The only remaining features of the 812 are the headlights and windshield, Ferrari said.

“The strategic aspect is the ideal balance between expressiveness and restraint,” Ferrari said. “Omologata had to stay on the street and maintain a very clean formal language.”

The interior has been redesigned to client specifications and is made of electric blue seat leather and jeans aunde fabric. The rest of the interior is black. The metal dials are painted as you can find in a real racing car of the 50s and 60s.

But, alas, it only goes back to an “intelligent European client” who is not you or me. How do you say “sigh *” in Italian?

* A sigh of relief

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