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Explore haunted space ruins in EVE Echoes’ Halloween event

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Grab your broom and prepare your pumpkin – Halloween may be over but the dreaded season begins only for EVE Echoes. The mobile game is also active on the Crimson Harvest, a Halloween event that allows players to explore festival anomalies around the world. Thanks to player feedback, developer NetEase also changes the module design of this update, but many players will want to get their spooks in limited time mode.

While many sports have finished their Halloween events and many players are still looking at Chr * stmas (which is still too early to mention in our house), Echoes continues the Halloween tradition as much as possible. From Oct. 31 to Nov. 10, Eve Echo players will be able to disrupt things like the Crimson harvest anomalies such as the Haunted Ruins and the Cemetery Festival. It is not clear exactly what these anomalies are do, But discovering and exploring is part of the fun, isn’t it?

You can get your hands on Holman supply boxes that hold leather (some of them may be permanent) and new modules that are limited to Halloween. Keep your eyes peeled for the Haunted Supply Box III, this is one that offers new series modules and permanent Halloween skins. The seven new modules will be available by formal means from the end of the event on November 11th.

Crimson harvest skins are also available at the New Eden store and are available in a variety of forms. There are also four new leather boxes, which give you a discount after several different options.

As you can tell by the orange and black color and flame-like effect, the skin is pumpkin-inspired.

If Halloween is not your thing and you are more interested in module design, the new electronic weapon module 7 is as follows: Spherical Spherical Launch, War Disruption Field Generator, Warp Scrambler, Sensor Reduction, Target Painter, Lightweight Guide disruptor. You can find complete information on what they have to offer Update EVE Echoes Blog.

If you are just starting out – or need a refresher – here is our guide to the best EVE Echoes ships and our tips for EVE Echoes Mining. In fact, if you still want to be convinced whether or not to choose the sport, check out our review, where we said, “It’s a great way to experience the classics and formalize them for new players.”


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