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Examples Of Compliance Training LMS Demo Videos In The Workplace

Examples Of Compliance Training LMS Demo Videos In The Workplace


LMS Demonstration Video on How to Guide with Compliance Training

Your employees may have a general idea of ​​what is right and wrong at work. However, there are some uncertain areas where further clarification may be needed. Text-based checklists and areas not highlighted by the manual. No, these topics require visual to set examples of workplace compliance for employees to follow. Like video demonstrations to show how to do things without breaking the rules. Or avoid the most common regulatory barriers to keeping everyone safe Yours and your bottom line is also free of ties and fees. So, how do you make compliance training interesting? Read on to find out.

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7 tips for setting up workplace compliance examples

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1. Keep it realistic (but not over the top)

No one wants to talk to them or sit through a demonstration video that feels inadequate. They will be judged for every mistake they make at work. Similarly, they don’t want to endure an overflowing performance video full of actors and actresses who seem to be vying for the Academy Award. Examples of actual and relative workplace compliance should be developed. This allows employees to use real-life information and link to online training content. This rule applies not only to acting but also to sound effects, background audio and images. You can add some effect to the top of jazz stuff. However, they should not be racketed by taking employees.

2. Survey staff to identify everyday challenges

You need to determine the gaps before creating compatibility training LMS demonstration videos that serve as examples of workplace compatibility. What are the challenges facing employees? Are there topics or tasks that present more barriers than others? Survey and evaluate your team members to identify compliance pain points that may be covered in your videos. They do not want a representation that covers irrelevant tasks or issues. Find out what sticks to them and use them as a base for your storyboards and scripts.

3. Teach them the right (and wrong) way to comply

How-to videos are very standard. You show employees the best way to do something so they can do it again on the job. However, you need to give them an understanding of what not to do in the workplace so they can avoid the most common compliance mistakes. For example, the video shows the correct way to wear protective gear or refuse a client bribe. It then highlights the many ways in which things can go wrong and how to deal with each one to minimize the risk. You can make a partition screen for more basic functions that do not require high level visual details. For example, one side of the screen highlights the proper dress code and the other side shows the wrong dress code.

4. Include step-by-step walks to improve retention

There is a lot of information to keep in mind when compliant online training. Lighten the cognitive burden on your employees by taking step-by-step steps that they can follow. For example, show them how to follow every step of the return process according to company policy. Or how to properly handle products based on regulatory guidelines.

5. Use animation to recreate dangerous situations

Let’s face it, it is neither cheap nor ethical to harm someone in order to recreate a vision. Although it was often given an Oscar-winning performance. In all seriousness, there are times when you require animation when you train your employees for workplace compliance. Use rendering software to reactivate hazards so that employees can see the negative consequences without risking themselves, their assistants or customers. You can include subtle hints of humor to ease the mood. Be sure not to underestimate the seriousness of the matter with a smile.

6. Invite leadership to set the example

Team Leaders can play a leading role in your compliance training LMS videos. Employees are already familiar with their managers and supervisors so they will be better connected to the online training content. They can go into the team leader’s shoes and wait while they do the task or illustrate the problem. Plus, this shows that subordinates have invested in their continued development. They take the time to set examples of workplace compliance so that their peers do not make similar mistakes.

7. Embedding support resources

The important thing about using your LMS to deploy compatibility videos is that you can embed additional online training resources. Employees simply test their knowledge and click the link to access simulation and serious games to get it implemented immediately. They can quickly refer to manuals and online training information to delve deeper into regulations or policies. Compliance training provides a demonstration video sample, but some staff members may want to explore subject matter on their own. For example, learn more about what is not allowed on the job when it comes to their uniform. Or attend an event that allows them to experiment with safe handling procedures and learn from their mistakes.

I have one more point not to mention about adding subtitles for mobile phone users and employees with special needs. Remember that every member of your team should receive the same benefits from Compliance Training LMS. Subtitles and captions allow mobile users to skip the action as they can read text when headphones are not an option. Use this article to create all-inclusive videos that provide prime examples of workplace compliance and enhance employee participation.

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