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Epic and Apple are both making the same argument about the other side in new court filing

Epic and Apple are both making the same argument about the other side in new court filing


Epic Games is once again battling allegations made by Apple that the game developer stole money from the technology giant and allowed players to buy the amazingly popular Fortnight game through their own payment method. This requires Epic to cut back on Apple’s app payment platform by 30%. In a new court case filed Friday, Epic clearly stated that Apple “has no right to the fruits of Epic’s labor”.

Apple denounces a number of reasons why Epic is the bad guy in this case

When Epic introduced its own payment system, Apple threw it out of the Fortnight App Store and Epic filed a civil lawsuit. Charging Apple for Monopoly Behavior. Apple has tried to cancel Epic developer accounts for IP and MacOS, preventing Fortnight users from receiving updates for the game or purchasing new titles from the game developer in the App Store. The loss of these developer accounts removes Epic’s Unleashed Croyd Engine from the App Store, in addition to Epic. Earlier this month, U.S. District Judge Yvonne Gonzalez Rogers issued an injunction restraining Apple from removing the unrealistic engine from its iOS app store. However, the judge did not order Apple to return the Fortnight to the App Store.

Apple, on the other hand, seeks to obtain some damages from Epic for breach of contract, suing, damaging Apple’s relationship with its customers for “unjust enrichment” and “severe interference” against Epic. Apple notes that Epic’s case is nothing more than an argument over money, but that Epic wants to play the role of Robin Hood in modern times, “in reality it’s a multi-billion dollar business and it simply does not have to pay anything for the sheer value it gets from the app store. Apple points out that Epic has benefited from everything the App Store offers, including technology, marketing, customer reach and more. During its two years in the Fortnight App Store, Apple has used more than 400 of its API Frames, has been reviewed more than 200 times by Apple’s app reviewers, and has delivered more than 140 unique updates to Apple customers. . Every time a new season of the game was launched, Apple promoted it by sending tweets; It also put up a billboard in Times Square to promote a concert in the app for Fortnight.

Apple says that thanks to its short-term support, Fortnight has been a huge success, with 130 million downloads in 174 countries. Epic has been given the opportunity to deposit more than half a billion dollars in the bank. Although Apple’s comments seem to believe that Epic is indebted with great gratitude, in April the game developer wrote an article thanking the tech giant for its support and promotion of the Fortnight events. But that changed a few months later, and Apple says Epic has suddenly taken advantage of listing app stores and not paid for them. The technology maker received a letter from Epic CEO Tim Sweeney. It called for all the benefits of being listed on the App Store to be given to Epic, and customers should be able to pay for Epic directly through Apple. In addition to paying Apple to list Fortnight’s App Store, Epic wanted Apple’s blessing to launch its own competitive app store.

Apple claims that Epic used All Trojan Horse to smuggle a link to Epic’s direct payment system at a low price

On August 3, a new version of Fortnight was released in the App Store, and Apple included hidden software that allowed users to bypass Apple and purchase within the app via Epic. To prove that it is not a monopoly, the company says there is fierce competition for devices, platforms and applications. Fortnight users can carry their V-Bucks on at least six different mobile, PC and game consoles.

We are now at the point where Apple claims that every action taken against Epic is for legitimate business purposes. Both sides argue that the other party is trying to work hard at it without getting paid. Apple says it will use the tools that Epic offers to Fortnight from its App Store list without paying a 30% discount on that privilege. Epic says, “Epic game players, created from the work of Epic’s artists, designers and engineers, have repeatedly made statements about Apple stealing to the point of making an extraordinary claim that Epic’s collection is something that belongs to Apple.”

Judge Rogers said the case is set to return to court next summer. Order your popcorn now!


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