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eBook Release: Virtual Classroom Software

ebook release virtual classroom software


Launch a successful VILT strategy

Every organization should prioritize compliance, such as maintaining a hygienic workplace or staying home when you are sick. But the COVID-19 crisis takes it to a whole new level. The challenge is to become somewhat “accustomed” to new performance behaviors and habits. They are not second nature to employees. At least, not yet. So, how do you help your team get back to normal when ILT is no longer possible? Our e-book, LMS Buying Guide: How Virtual Classroom Software Can Help You Overcome the COVID-19 Crisis, has all the information you need to launch a successful Wilt strategy, from choosing the right tool to developing actionable activities. First, let’s look at six virtual classroom LMS activation errors that you should avoid.

E-book release

LMS Buying Guide: How Can Virtual Classroom Software Help You Overcome the COVID-19 Crisis?

Find all the ins and outs of choosing the best virtual classroom software for your business and adapting to the new reality.

Virtual Classroom LMS Activation Errors

1. Unrealistic budget

Some organizations are quick to check out vendors with outdated budgets. Or they execute average estimates instead of concrete numbers. Before you do your LMS homework, you need to set a realistic budget. How Much Money Can You Make for a New Learning Management System? What do you expect from the investment? Is there an expense limit for an active user? While you are there, create an implementation time frame so you will know how much money should be set aside for payroll.

2. Limited seller support

Various virtual classroom training software vendors offer a variety of support options, some of which are linked to frequently asked questions and online forums. Others have phone, email, and live chat support. The secret is to choose the right level of support for your team. Keep in mind that some services may incur additional charges. If your staff is inexperienced and needs one guide, they are worth the investment. For example, contact technical experts to resolve software bugs or authentication errors. This is cheaper than hiring a full-time support team for your virtual classroom training program.

3. Learning curve miscalculations

Your L&D dream team should master the new tool from day one, right? At worst, they need a few days to explore features and find their footsteps. The reality is that your employees need plenty of time to overcome the learning curve. Admittedly, it should not take them months to learn the basics. But speeding up the process is never wise. Survey them to gauge your team’s level of experience. Then place a small buffer on your learning curve estimates. Also, consider creating support resources such as online training tutorials and product demonstrations. Or see if the seller has already based their knowledge.

4. Prioritize prices

Price is always an important decision making factor. However, it should be pale relative to the value for money and ROI. The tool may be more expensive than other virtual classroom software, but does it offer better value? Does it offer any other features that are ultimately useful to your feature? The tactical thing about ROI is that it involves something intangible. Essentially, training features that are more difficult to measure or find are LMS features such as knowledge retention or team morale boosting. You can use employee feedback and ratings to fill large data gaps.

5. Inefficient RFPs

RFPs must be given a balance. You can not enter too much information because sellers do not have time to view a 20 page document. On the other hand, you cannot analyze your spending cap and online training usage case. Because it does not provide enough information for traders to work with. R effective RFPs will get the results. Therefore, if you need accurate cost estimates, include project scope, online training objectives, and other relevant information.

6. Training requirements analysis is not required

In response to the corona virus crisis, many businesses are switching to virtual classroom software. But that is not the only reason. You need to do a training requirements analysis to identify the gaps that exist. Even before the plague, the L&D landscape had changed. Gaps in performance, knowledge and skills still apply. Thus, you need a virtual classroom LMS that addresses all these basic issues and new COVID-19 compatibility topics.

How to launch virtual classroom training for your remote workforce?

Employees expect a secure training environment that provides continuous support. Virtual classroom software can help meet their needs as well as minimize the emotional impact of the epidemic on your remote workforce. Here is a brief overview of what you will find in the LMS Buying Guide: How Virtual Classroom Software Can Help You Overcome the COVID-19 Crisis:

  • Benefits of Virtual Classroom Software Facing the ILT and Corona Virus Crisis
  • Tips for choosing the best virtual classroom software today
  • Virtual classroom software comparison methods to maximize ROI
  • Important features to look for in your new virtual classroom software
  • Realist Virtual Classroom LMS Secrets to budgeting
  • Instruct sellers to use a virtual classroom LMS directory to qualify
  • Steps to Write a Winning RFP for Virtual Classroom Software
  • Virtual classroom LMS support services that greatly enhance functionality
  • Virtual Classroom Software Activities Prepare your team for the new average
  • Stress-free steps to find the best virtual classroom software vendor

We are together. Every organization should set an example and ensure the safety of their employees and customers. LMS Buying Guide: How Virtual Classroom Software Can Help You Overcome The Internal Secrets to Choosing and Using Synchronous Solutions to Reduce COVID-19 Crisis Risk. But the benefits go beyond that. Virtual classroom training provides your team with real-time support and JIT tools to automatically fill in gaps, as well as resources needed to cope with these turbulent times and manage work-related stress.

E-book release: Thoughtful


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