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Early Samsung Galaxy S21 5G launch and key S21 Ultra specs are now essentially confirmed

Early Samsung Galaxy S21 5G launch and key S21 Ultra specs are now essentially confirmed


While it’s not uncommon to hear rumors about the next-generation Galaxy S-Series handset from various trusted tipsters and insiders this year, rumors of the S21 family are already exceptionally loud and detailed rumors.

Admittedly, such gossip has become a major component of the company’s high-end smartphone launch in recent years. Every new heroic device is moving forward and like clockwork. it A number of reliable sources have been requested The early Galaxy S21 5G premiere was delayed, and now a world-renowned news organization is confirming those claims.

“As soon as the end of January”

Certainly according to three reliable “familiar sources of matter” Quoted anonymously by Reuters, 5G enabled Galaxy S21, The S21 + and S21 Ultra could be launched “a month earlier than expected”.
Naturally, everyone expected that first The Galaxy S21 trio will arrive approximately one year later on the S20 list, officially unveiled on February 11, 2020 and released commercially about a month later.
That means Reuters is ready to make predictions Samsung’s next big thing (s) will see Daylight “by January 21st”, which seems to coincide largely with recent reports and rumors circulating in various places.
Surprisingly, unlike John Proser, who leaked Twitter, the news agency is still reluctant to make a more precise or detailed forecast. The Galaxy S21 5G family is set for a January 14 announcement and pre-order launch, followed by a January 29 commercial release.

The Galaxy S21 will be an ultra beast

No, Reuters does not technically mention the three expected S21 models in this new report by their names. In fact, the news organization does not say that there will be three major editions of Samsung’s next flagship flag. But it is given by following a number of recent accounts detailed about the S21, S21 +, and S21 Ultra specifications. A very reliable bunch leaked Factory CAD based rendering.
Some filling up latest information The gaps in the Galaxy S21 Ultra come from the Ice Universe, aka nUniverseIce, Rarely wrong about these kinds of things. Apparently the WQHD + display is capable of 6.9 inches or more of power 120Hz at 2K resolution. 120Hz Fresh Fresh rate technology is nothing new for Samsung’s ultra-high-end phones Galaxy S20 The Ultra and Note 20 Ultra can only take advantage of their FHD resolution modes.
Of course, future S21 Ultra 5G owners should be careful not to overcharge the battery of the top phone using 120Hz. Pixels Counts are available. The screen resolution is expected to be around 3200 x 1440 pixels, and the Ice Universe also hints at an “almost equal width beard”, which means that Samsung will further reduce the already small size. The “chin” of the S20 Ultra for the Galaxy S21 Ultra.
To control power consumption, Samsung will implement a display technology already named LTPO (Low Temperature Polystyrene Oxide). The Note 20 Ultra was adopted after the S20 Ultra was snatched away.
Meanwhile, the Galaxy S21 Ultra needs S20 Ultra 45W faster charging support The Note 20 was inexplicably settled at a speed of 25 ultra watts. It’s the same The OnePlus 8T, for example, has 65W capabilities, but it still needs to fill a 5,000mAh or more tank in the S21 Ultra in a short time.
Finally, the Ice Universe reaffirms its claim from last week The S21 Ultra 5G will use a 108MP IsoSel HM3 compatible sensor for its base rear camera, on both the HM1 to S20 Ultra and the Note 20 Ultra. This clearly indicates that the best photography capabilities of Samsung’s best phones will be enhanced, but it will be seen in exactly what ways and to what extent.


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