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Do you have a 5G phone?

Do you have a 5G phone?


Support for the latest 5G network standards has dropped from flagship phones in record time, and is already available on $ 400 smartphones. Carriers are not as big as a game changer as we would like to believe, but 5G is a high-end marketing feature that focuses more on customers, so we’re curious to know: Does your phone support 5G?

From conspiracy theory confusion to the general inertia of the fastest MM Wave 5G standard, the new standards have a rough time, leading up to the phone price balloon and providing the extra hardware needed to use it. Still, most new phones over $ 500 now support the 5G category – usually at least the so-called “sub-6” 5G – and will fall further into the budget segment in the next year or two.

5G may be more of a marketing assumption for most of us than a utility (in summary: I get it significantly Slow down T-Mobile 5G faster in my apartment in Boston than the LTE), but the carrier maps Is Expands and almost every week some new phones land under the name 5G. So, is the phone 5G compatible in your pocket or not? The only 5G you get is the status bar icon labeled “5G”e, “This is AT&T’s deceptive marketing for the current 4G network, so double check your phone’s specifications.

Do you have a 5G compatible phone?

  • No, I do not have a 5G phone. (64%, 863 votes)
  • Yes, with mmWave support. (15%, 209 votes)
  • Yes, sub-6GHz only. (12%, 163 votes)
  • Yes, I do not know the specifics though. (9%, 117 votes)
  • I am not sure. (1%, 7 votes)

Total Voters: 1,359

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