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DJI’s Mini 2 drone boasts 4K video and a dramatic range upgrade

DJI’s Mini 2 drone boasts 4K video and a dramatic range upgrade


dji mini 2 Drone

  • Issued by DJI 2 min, Its successor Mavic Mini Drone.
  • The new model has 4K video and is more than double the Mavic Mini range.
  • It is now available for a whopping $ 449.

The Mavic Mini is the best (and most importantly) drone of 2019. Thanks to its quality video recordings and competitive prices, you should not be surprised to already have a successor. DJI has Introduced The Mini 2 drone meets the shortcomings of its predecessor, albeit at a cost.

The most notable upgrade comes to the camera. DJI’s Mini 2 finally records 4K 100Mbps (30 frames per second) instead of its predecessor’s 2.7K and 40Mbps, making it a better choice for your aerial video projects. In addition to JPEG shooting, you can shoot 12MP RAW stills, and 1080 video recording opens the door to a 4X zoom mode, allowing the drone to get closer to a subject without flying. All scenes are fixed via three-axis gimbals.

Flying dji mini 2

DJI has significantly improved the performance of its latest small drone. The Mini 2 packs more reliable OcuSync 2.0 transmission technology and reportedly delivers a range of 6.2 miles. That’s a 150% increase over the Mavic Mini’s 2.5 miles. You still have to keep those long distance trips short, but the Mini 2 offers a class-leading 31-minute flight time. DJI promises upgraded motors with higher speeds, higher accelerations and the ability to withstand winds of up to 24MPH.

Sharing your videos should also be easy. Downloading, editing and sharing your photos and videos should be quick, as the Mini 2 can now connect directly to the DJI Fly mobile app without a remote control.

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Like previous Mini DJ drones, the new model is partly aimed at newcomers and others who do not work hard. Simplified controls help you get started, and quickly eliminates guesswork from powerful videos like pre-designed drones (subject pursuit shots) and rockets (flying straight up and down). You can capture spherical and traditional panoramics and photographers can use automatic exposure brackets and timely shots.

Improvements come under cost. DJI currently sells the Mini 2 kit with a controller and one battery $ 449, Or the new Mavic Mini costs about $ 50 more than its predecessor. For $ 599, you get a Flymore combo with three batteries, a charging station and a portable case. It’s not a small expense, especially if you’re new to drones, but if you want 4K video or a larger range, the DJ is clearly betting that it will look like a bargain when it comes to spring before expensive drones like the Mavic Air 2.

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