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Did you buy a Nest Audio?

nest audio 1 XtmlLZh4R6xV


We were Deeply In our recent review we were impressed with the performance of Google’s new Nest Audio. We are waiting for products like the Pixel 5 to actually be functional, and Nest Audio is currently available. So we are curious to know: Did you buy one?

Old and broken, new warmth.

The new Nest Audio is significantly better than the original Google Home. Among other things, it switches to two isolated 50mm drives in the original: a 75mm woofer and a 19mm tweeter. It also crashes the internal space for high volume and bass, and has a new machine learning chip for recognizing device commands. It seems that you can learn to improve performance over time (at least, remembering the commands you use most often and putting down the keyboard), but somehow it is faster than before.

Honestly, we think it was a $ 99 bargain, and it won our coveted Most Wanted award. The only potential is the lack of hardware audio input.

So have you chosen one – or maybe more than one?

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