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CrossFire: Warzone’s Capital Takeover War update focuses on PvP and taxes

crossfire warzone capital takeover war update


Two things in life are certain – death and taxes – Two things are certain in mobile games: PVP and… taxes? Crossfire: Warson is focusing on its new Capital Acquisition War Update, which will allow servers to gain superior control over the battlefield.

Today’s update will bring a new level of cooperation and strategic thinking to the sport, with Capital takeover battles taking place every two weeks and the need to fight for team dominance to establish the strongest alliance. Any server older than 90 days will have a dot in the center of the field map, and then you fight.

No matter which alliance comes, Trump will win the title of the best alliance in the next war – or something like that, we still do not know the official name. However, we know that the Alliance leader will be given a special title. They will also be given the power to transfer that name to six other members of their alliance.

Like the titles, the boasting rights, for the next two weeks, the ruling alliance players will receive a special buffalo and taxes will be collected from the other alliances on the server. The fee is based on the resources accumulated in their base.

Two weeks later, the two-week Capital Acquisition War will resume and each alliance will re-enter the battlefield to reassert its dominance.

The update improves the game’s secret laboratory system, adding new features to difficulty levels and related units. In addition, you will receive more rewards for diplomacy as well as for enduring terrorists and peasant resources.

If you ever want to be superior to the whole client, now is the time to put your money in your mouth. Of course, if you’ve come up with something new, you can always check out our list of the best mobile multiplayer games.


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