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Cowin just unleashed a deluge of discounts on its Bluetooth headphones for Prime Day (Sponsored)

Cowin Prime Day Deals Hero


You do not have to pay a premium price to get a premium audio experience. If you’re going to leave Prime Day with a pair of brand new Bluetooth earphones, do not look for more than these deals from our friends in Covin.

The headphones above Covin’s ear come in a wide range of designs, requirements and price points. For example, the affordable E7 ANC comes in a variety of fun colors to suit your unique style. The E7 Pro has an aluminum cover for more aesthetic appeal. Then the E9 AAC audio codec supports good sound quality and its enhanced soft ear cushion creates an even more comfortable listening experience.

All headphones in these Prime Day deals are equipped with active sound cancellation. Plus, they are all designed above the ear and connect with your favorite smart devices via Bluetooth for ultimate comfort and versatility.

To learn more about each Covin headphone pair – and more importantly, for links to these amazing deals – click on any of the discounts below.

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