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Classic RTS Company of Heroes charges onto Android and iPhone today

company of heroes release date


Ferreal Interactive has released Heroes, the game of its two world wars, on Android and iPhone. The classic RTS game landed on the iPad earlier this year and received a good response – read our own Heroes Company Review For our thoughts! Here is more information about the release from Feral Interactive:

“company in Heroes Epic WWII presents a campaign to players in Intense pool-based battles from D-Day landing to liberation in Normandy. This version is designed for phones in The game allows mobile players to control all actions with a user interface that is highly compatible with touch control. ”

Launched about 14 years ago, the original Heroes Company, so bringing the game to the mobile phone was by no means an easy task. We were amazed at some of the new control improvements in this version, and they add up to an amazing number on how you play the game. Anyway, this port feels like a long time ago, and for Android users – like me – it is possible to experience the much-loved RTS, especially from a mobile phone.

Ferrell has also released a sports trailer with some video and voice feedback on game enhancements:

Heroes Company is actually a premium game that will give you a $ 13.99 (£ 13.99) refund. The game itself is there to buy and play today Google Play and App Store. The iPhone version is free for anyone who buys the game on the iPad earlier this year.

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