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Chip shortage could affect delivery dates for new 5G Apple iPhone models

Chip shortage could affect delivery dates for new 5G Apple iPhone models


Huawei is not the only phone manufacturer to face a chip shortage. Bloomberg reports That Apple is having trouble getting the chip that controls how power is consumed iPhone 12 series. Those who are aware that Apple’s ability to supply enough product to meet the high demand for the new 5G may be affected by this shortfall. iPhone 12 This holiday season series. Not only does the iPhone sell well during the holiday quarter, but it also flies off the shelves in the launch quarter. In fact, the deadline is traditionally the best-selling mobile phone in the three-month period of each year.

Apple faces various chip shortages in Huawei

Bloomberg notes it Because Apple is Apple, suppliers can prioritize the needs of the company over the needs of other customers in the company. The demand for chips this year is that the new iPhone 12 family will be the technology giant’s first 5G phone. According to TSMC, the world’s top autonomous factory, such 5G phones use 30% to 40% more chips than 4G phones. The power management of a 5G phone is more important because of the battery life consumed when a phone is connected to a 5G number. Fear of rising demand for chips could lead to an epidemic and another wave in areas such as Europe and the United States
When the corona virus became a global word earlier this year, the Asian supply chain was shut down and despite recovery, there are still issues with interruptions that are expected to continue for at least another two quarters. Tim Cook, the company’s CEO, talks about the supply problems Apple faces. Cook acknowledged that it was difficult to predict how long the blockade would last. The executive spoke with analysts about chip-deficient devices, and Cook mentioned the iPhone 12 line, iPad, Mac and some Apple Watch Models. Ifixit points out that Apple has multiple suppliers for energy management chips, including Texas Instomes. The second provides the components that control power management iPhone 12 Pro Cameras. STMicroelectronics NV makes a similar chip for Apple. Apple also gets an energy management chip for Qualcomm’s 5G modem.
Huawei, which has been hit by a change in U.S. export rules, has also been forced to retain its chips, but its shortage has nothing to do with the epidemic. Instead, a change in rules by the U.S. Department of Commerce forced them to manufacture chips using American technology and obtain a license to ship these integrated circuits to a Chinese manufacturer. The company’s largest cut, Huawei, has reportedly ordered 15 million units of its 5nm Kirin 9000 SoC.Edge Chips, but received only 8.8 million of them. Huawei needs to be careful because the chips are needed to power its new Mate 40 series flag, its Mate X2 foldable phone and the base hubs used for its 5G networks. With the change in U.S. rules, it will no longer be possible to obtain another Kirin 9000 SoC without U.S. permission.

This Friday, Apple will begin accepting pre-orders for the iPhone 12 Mini and iPhone 12 Pro Max (the smallest and largest screened models of this year’s iPhone models, respectively). Both models are set to release on November 13th. We will have to wait until next week to see if these two models will experience shipping delays due to high demand. The lack of the same power management chip that affects the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro will no doubt affect the next pair of 5G iPhone models.


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