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How to Change the Name in Pubg PC and Mobile

how to change name in pubg

You can change your name in PUBG for the mobile version and the PC version. Changing your name may be helpful for a number of reasons, such as protecting your account or if you are tired of your first choice. When choosing a nickname, it is important to have a legal and original name that is easy for your followers to remember, especially if you intend to stream your matches.

How to Change Name In Pubg PC

To change the name of PUBG PC, you need to follow the same steps as in the mobile version. Go to the Store and enter the “Other” tab.

Buy the hen nickname change card.

There is no other way to change your name in the PC version of PUBG. I released this option freely when the Sanok map was released, but there are no other options yet.

How to Change Name in Pubg Mobile

f If you link your PUBG mobile phone with your Facebook account, you can get your nickname under your real name, but we should avoid this කිසිව No one should know that you are the best sniper, right? Fortunately, you can simply change your name in the game. Go to the Shop menu in the main menu of the game.

In the Shop menu, select the “Random” tab. Then, buy the renaming card.

I can buy renaming cards for real money, but you can get it for free by upgrading your rank and completing the mission. Basically, if you do not want to spend money to change your name, you have to play a lot. Getting the card is not so difficult, especially if you play in different modes, socialize with friends in the game, or create your own forum.

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