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Carl Pei has left OnePlus, which he co-founded




Updated, October 12, 2020 (07:00 PM ET): Speaks with two separate sources TechCrunch Apparently Carl P. OnePlus has left. According to the report, Pei is launching a “new business” and is “in talks with investors to raise capital.” We will update this with more details when they arrive.

Original article, 12 October 2020 (05:50 PM ET): Two men started a smartphone company called OnePlus: Pete Lowe and Carl P. He is the CEO of the world brand and has been given a new role in its parent organization, Oplus. However, a rumor that broke down earlier today says that Pei is no longer with the brand.

According to an earlier rumor Android Police, Some internal OnePlus documents Leaked to Reddit. Documents – whether legitimate or not, there is no way to tell – suggest that Pei is no longer part of the leadership team.

For a comment, we linked directly to OnePlus. The company declined to comment. It should be noted Android Police The company also responded with a “no comment”.

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The aforementioned documents show that the position that Peed is now known as the leader of the Nord line has now been taken over by someone else. According to leaked information, Emily Day is now the leader of the Nord team.

Carl P. has been featured prominently in several documentaries on OnePlus, which have been released in connection with the development of the OnePlus Nord. If he is no longer in charge of that team, it means he is no longer a member of OnePlus.

We will update this article as soon as the OnePlus rumor is confirmed or denied.


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