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Camping Escapes Will Still Be Popular in Cold Months, KOA Finds

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  • Compounds of America (KOA) by a Measurements Leisure travelers and we found that we wanted to go out these days, and the majority said that walking in the coronary virus epidemic was the safest way.
  • Despite the cool weather to come, tourists are more likely to come out in the fall (21 percent) in the summer and in the winter (42 percent of those surveyed).
  • Fifty-one percent of all camps are interested in buying RVs this fall.

    Since COVID-19 has allowed people to change their environment without greatly increasing the risk of contracting, it is not surprising that the number of camping trips by Americans this year has increased. So this may not be another shock: as the winter aches approach, we will continue to go there.

    a Fall update Per annum North American Camp Report Compounds in the U.S. said 21 percent of tourists went on a camping trip this summer and 42 percent still planned to camp in 2020. The report, which surveyed 3,500 leisure travelers, was released in October, so it’s not too low temperatures to avoid exactly another camping.

    More than half of those surveyed, 54 percent, think camping is currently the safest route, 10 points ahead of what KOA did. Development of camp binding in the middle of COVID-19 Study in May. One reason is that about half of the people surveyed do so for the first time this year or resume the hobby without going out “in recent years”. These new bases and the so-called KOA “re-deployed bases”. They enter adolescence.

    For many, when they think of camping, they think of the RV, and in the COVID era, a “house on wheels” offers a special benefit: your own private bathroom. A KOA study found that having your lounge is important to 48 percent of all leisure travelers, 42 percent of campers and 58 percent of future campers. Sixty percent of average leisure tourists say they prefer to go to a less popular place to avoid crowds. Sixty-eight percent of those in the camp felt this way.

    The increase in RV sales we saw this year will continue. The KOA found that 51 percent of all bases are now more likely to buy an RV, and as of May, the General Xers team was the most interested group (62% said they were considering buying an RV). One of the main reasons for their interest is the growing concern about the cleanliness of hotels or resorts. If you keep guests outside your RV will not catch the COVID from the bathroom, but if it is dirty, there is no one to blame yourself.

    Looking ahead, it is estimated that 18 percent of these new 2020 camps will go wild in the coming years and will be evenly distributed among the various camp styles. Forty-four percent of RVs and tent campers said they were likely to re-camp in the coming years.

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