The new technology is great and all, but it comes at a price to your bank account and the environment. This holiday season, in collaboration with top tech brands such as eBay, Razor, Acer and Lenovo, customers are more likely to find peace of mind when purchasing upgraded products – including hassle-free benefits and a two-year warranty coverage.

EBay certified upgraded products include a two-year warranty with access to item repair and 24/7 customer support from Allstate – a longer warranty than most new items. They also come with an eBay security package such as hassle-free benefits within 30 days and a money back guarantee.

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The program will be launched in five categories: Laptops, Portable Audio, Power Tools, Small Kitchen Appliances and Vacuum. Here is the current list of participating brands:

Brand Specifications:
● de Longi
The filthy devil
Az razor
Inventory Special (Semi-Special):
Ull skull

Participating brands:
Cer Acer
Iss Bissell
Black + layer
Is Cousinart
Kitchen aids
Ie Miles
Roll Prolax

Many people expect to spend less money on gifts this year but may worry about buying previously used products. That’s why the eBay-certified updated program is so cool. It looks like you will get the same protection and peace of mind when you buy a new one, but at less than 50% of the cost.

The company plans to continue to expand its program with new brand and brand partnerships. It is currently available to customers in the United States, Should come to Australia next.