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Blended Onboarding Plan Benefits For Remote Teams- eLearning Industry

3 Benefits a Blended Virtual Onboarding Plan Brings to Your In House and Remote Workers 1


A mixed keyboard layout for a remote workforce: a new solution for a new era

Having a remote workforce has a mixed keyboard layout is a complex process, so why go through it? Let’s look at the bigger picture.

Think about it: opening sky-heavy glass doors. Climb an elevator and press the button for the 24th floor. Smooth your hair in the elevator mirror. Meet your boss and go straight to your new cabin through the open space. Feel the look, give the smile back. Sweating a little. Surprising, yes?

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How to Offer Virtual Employee Keyboard Programs for Your Remote Workforce?

Discover new, returning (back-to-back) employees’ insights, tips, and practical advice on virtual keyboards.

As the world turns, the market becomes global, the internet speeds up – and a virus destroys the world. One of the consequences: the physical, person’s tactile energy of the first day of work can be a thing of the past for many.

Initial adjustment is a difficult one with many implications: the cost of disconnection, the difficulties with the virtual keyboard, the cultural implications associated with the lack of understanding and experience of the culture. Humans are social animals, and the value of interaction, networking, physical intimacy, teamwork, and sharing as part of a keyboard experience are only appreciated when they are not.

But as time goes on, long-term virtual experience becomes more and more like a terrible reality for new employees. And we need to develop strategies to deal with this new norm and find ways to reduce it.

This field is ours as learning, development and human resources professionals. The solution is relatively simple: developing a mixed keyboard layout or program for remote workers is key.

But why the mix?

Think about your regular, personal, physical keyboard program. If it is already a high-level program, it will bring you the information a new employee needs to review, learn, fill out, print, sign, etc. in a simple and understandable way. A good portion of your assets – perhaps an introduction to the organization, your health and safety information, all the necessary administrative documents already exist in digital, online form. If so, you are one step ahead of the curve and we can stimulate all of those assets. If not, creating or redesigning such distributions is a much easier task for mixed learning development.

The biggest challenge is to create viable substitutes for the personal interactions that your new employees will not get while sitting in a home office and clicking through a presentation on your organization’s history.

Mixed learning describes a learning experience that can be adapted to a specific audience without limiting space or time[1]. With this in mind, a broader definition could be “audiences learn at least part of the time in a classical educational space, while the other part controls their time, place, path and / or rhythm with the help of an online environment. ”

Combined learning is a variety (or a combination) of learning methods such as lectures, web-based training sections, learning videos, animations, microwaves, quick reference guides, checklists. It also includes elements of social learning. This final feature makes mixing learning especially suitable for contemporary virtual keyboard layouts and programs. Social learning provides ample opportunities for new hires, their peers, and management to interact in formal and informal settings.

What are the advantages of mixed keyboard layouts and programs?

3 Benefits Bring Virtual Keyboard Layout to Your Home and Remote EmployeesBenefit No. 1: Clarity and transparency

The biggest advantage of a fully virtual keyboard program for remote employees is that they provide a simple, intelligent layout and organization that provides each new tenant with the general requirements, tasks, and deadlines for their trip. employee A productive employee.

There are two crucial aspects to the clarity of your hybrid virtual keyboard program:

  • place
    Scattering learning distributions on your keyboard is definitely an option. However, in a virtual setting, your new employees do not feel particularly empowered to ask explanatory questions. The keyboard experience can be frustrating for them and can complicate matters for your HR department when the due date is missed and the information you receive is misplaced or incorrect. Whether it’s a website, keyboard deployment, or simply a structured keyboard folder in your company’s public drive, all resources are stored in one place – simplifying the process for everyone involved.


  • It is not always possible to keep all the required forms, documents and questionnaires in one place. Consider creating a keyboard “hub” based on healing and connecting resources needed for new employees in your remote workforce. This type of solution is generally cost-effective and relatively easy to maintain. The real tactic then creates an intellectual structure.
  • structure
    When there is no single contact point or virtual connection with a HR agent or colleague, a clear structure and logical organization of the keyboard functions is essential for the new employee and the person in charge of the successful virtual keyboard. The structure should be extremely simple and highlight the desired milestones for new tenants. It makes more sense to list keyboard functions chronologically.


  • Having an electronic checklist with linked – or embedded – resources, models, and learning assets is the organization’s easiest way. When designing a virtual keyboard, we often recommend a list of tasks to complete for days 1, 2, 3, then week 1, week 2, then 1 month, and so on.
  • As we use a mixed learning methodology to bridge the gap between online assets and human relationships, make it a point to include an element of social interaction or even social learning at each juncture or for desired time frames. The first day of keyboard setup with a virtual town hall can include kicking ideas, introducing new employees to each other, and strengthening newly formed relationships with informal opportunities to connect and connect after City Hall. Or consider assigning a virtual onboarding friend who can do new hired work through the program and meet deadlines and expectations.

The transparency aspect of this benefit is inherent in many mixed keyboard layouts and virtual program design. Ease of access means ease of review, ease of feedback and ease of commenting. As one wheel in a continuous improvement loop, the user input of your program is priceless.

Benefit No. 2: Efficiency and Compliance

One of the strongest arguments in favor of virtual keyboard programs is their static nature. While this cannot be achieved without difficulty, integrity allows for greater efficiency.

  • design
    Designing an effective hybrid virtual keyboard program not only sets the tone for the experience but also contributes to the success of the program. Your design should include all the elements of a classic keyboard program, in addition to adaptations for social learning and interaction. The organization and the structure also function here as it affects both the conceptual design.
  • Activation
    The keyboard is a unique moment in an employee’s career cycle; It sets the tone for their future in the organization. From a compliance point of view, a well-designed mixed learning onboarding program should be implemented as planned and should be visual (look and feel) and structural (dedicated website, keyboard application). A new employee.


  • Look back at your new employees. What are their online habits? What do they respond to? Would they like to learn from watching YouTube videos? Or do they just want to look at a book? How do they like to interact while online? Then look at your organization, its goals and long-term vision. Get the two married by developing an onboarding program that resonates with new employees.
  • The conceptual design of your hybrid virtual keyboard program should be as concise as possible. Use classical learning methods (ADDIE, learning objective setting, etc.) to design a robust program with a diverse learning experience that works for your entire target audience.
  • Use the design of a mixed virtual keyboard program as an opportunity to determine how well your existing learning assets fit into the overall plan. Analyze both length options – short and snapper are better – as well as adapt both the look and feel as well as the need.

Benefit No. 3: Continuous improvement

Using mixed learning principles to create your learning objectives and creating a fairly short learning experience series will serve you in more than one way as a learning professional. One major advantage is the improvement of relatively short learning assets rather than the recovery of two hours of web-based training.

To get the most out of these benefits:

  • Focus on microwave
    There has been a lack of focus on longevity, a novel of learning and development. Long-term course courses series and mind-boggling seminars are no longer the strategy of choice. This is because it is more widely understood that much cannot be achieved beyond ticking the “completed” box. Short form learning pieces give your new employee more time to develop and activate their new skills. An added benefit of the learning experience is that the gamble is more directly integrated with the actual work. This is a big step forward in terms of education and human development.
  • Allow for feedback. “How do you assess this learning experience?” You may be scared to ask. Especially if you have a two-hour online page turner finally asking the question. Even many learning professionals do not dare. However, the current generation entering the workforce is adept at providing feedback, and if you do not provide opportunities for that, they will find other ways (a negative thing in the Yelp review). By formalizing the evaluation of your keyboard efforts, you and your stakeholders may not be more accountable, but it will ultimately serve the organization you represent.


  • Include a simple feedback form after each learning distribution or learning program.
  • Simplify targeted audience feedback with a star or thumb / bottom rating system, but be sure to provide a comment box for more detailed comments. Even if it is added, such feedback is only useful if the input provided by your organization’s culture is accepted. Honest efforts are the most valuable information about your efforts; If your company wants to receive negative feedback from new employees, consider incorporating an anonymous means of providing feedback.

Why use a mixed keyboard layout for your remote workforce?

It is essential that companies be prepared to provide virtual keyboard programs for their new tenants, at least for the foreseeable future. Although it may seem like a daunting task at first, designing and implementing a mixed virtual keyboard program can have unexpected benefits. Taking every opportunity to integrate social elements is very important to get your employees off the right foot and to create a sense of intimacy that develops when working towards common goals. A mixed virtual learning program will go a long way in achieving that goal. If you are interested in learning more about how to download virtual employee keyboard programs for your remote workforce, be sure to find out why it is essential for organizations to offer remote keyboard programs that fully integrate new tenants. Also, get involved with webinar onboarding, reboarding and upgrading: a manager’s guide to stimulating your virtual onboarding programs to learn how to assess and improve your organization’s performance.


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