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Badlanders is essentially Escape from Tarkov mobile, now open for pre-registration

badlanders soldier walking away from gunfight


October 1: Badlanders is now globally open for pre-registration.

Badlanders is a new survival game of the mobile behemoth netis that has recently entered the closed beta of selected regions. You are challenged to find supplies to drive you into a war zone and repel enemy forces, and your ultimate goal is to acquire the highest value items.

The dots around the map are all important escape points you can reach. If you manage to hold it successfully, you will leave the battlefield with your gear. Nico Partners Jayesh Analyst Daniel Ahmed likened the game to an escape from Tarkov, the first-person shooter to hit popularity earlier this year. As Ahmed recently said Twitter thread, NetEase is especially good at bringing popular computer or console variants to mobile phones.

There are three specialized trading systems for use in Badlanders. The exchange, as the name implies, allows you to buy and sell several basic supplies. Prism offers you the opportunity to get more premium loot with enhanced features, allowing you to set your prices through auctions and trade freely with other players.

Here is a recent trailer:

All of this is supply and demand, so you need to be smart about your pricing strategies if you want to make good money. You want every penny you can to insure your favorite items. By doing so you can retrieve the gun you want after a certain time. That’s only if someone steals it from your body.

The incessant plundering pattern will set Badlanders apart from most similar games on mobile phones, and is an interesting twist on several already established variants. Currently, only Android players in the CBT region can do that, but the game is actually globally open for pre-registration with a few exceptions. If you are in Belgium, Taiwan, Vietnam, Mainland China or any CBT area, you will not be able to pre-register at this time.

Here are some links to Badlanders App Store and Google Play Pages. The previously expected release date is listed as October 24th. And, while you’ve here, why not check out our list of the best mobile multiplayer games?


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