Aukey produces countless charging accessories, most of which work well and are priced competitively. Now you can get one of the company’s wall adapters with two USB ports (one Type-A, one Type-C) for just $14.70. That’s a discount of $20.29 over the usual price.

This wall adapter has a 46W USB Type-C port, so it can quickly charge anything that supports USB Power Delivery. That includes flagship Samsung Galaxy phones (mid-range and lower-end models usually only work with Qualcomm QuickCharge, if that), Google Pixels, Nintendo Switches, and most ultrabooks. There’s also a 10.5W USB Type-A connector for plugging in older/less-powerful devices.

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The wall adapter is available from Amazon at the link below. To get the full discount, you’ll need to enter promo code 7LQHCJTV at checkout.