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Artists on Spotify will soon be able to prioritize songs for Spotify recommendations

Artists on Spotify will soon be able to prioritize songs for Spotify recommendations

These days the algorithm is everything: the next thing on your Spotify automated playlist is an algorithm rating. Now, Spotify is experimenting with a new feature that allows creators to choose which specific songs or albums to enhance from their work, so these selected songs and albums will appear more in user recommendations. This update will allow artists to choose which songs the algorithm will prioritize. SlashGear reports This new feature is now introduced in a limited way and is currently available for automation and radio. The new feature helps users discover new content while at the same time allowing artists to learn more about the content they like. Spotify additionally states that it actively enhances and refines the recommended content of the app. With this new feature, music labels and artists can prioritize songs or albums; Giving high priority can affect Spotify’s algorithms about your own work, as it takes priority when making new recommendations.

However, Spotify does not guarantee content placement, which indicates that listener satisfaction is a top priority of the company.

At the moment, the feature is being tested with Autoplay and Radio, and it is reported that Spotify will later expand Priority Content testing to its personalized offerings.

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