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Apple Ordered to Pay VirnetX Another $502.8 Million for Patent Infringement


A jury today ruled that Apple must pay $ 502.8 million in debt to VernetX for a patent infringement in a 10-year legal battle. The lawsuit was probably funded by VernetX, which is alleged to have infringed on VernetX patents.

according to the Bloomberg, Apple has asked the jury to decide how much it owes Vernets for VPN on Demand, an iPhone component that allows people to access virtual private networks.

VernetX wanted to pay $ 700 million to Apple, and Apple argued that it should pay $ 113 million, with the royalty rate being 19 cents per unit. The jury decided instead at 84 percent per unit.

There are two separate cases in Apple’s legal battle against VernetX regarding older and newer Apple devices. Earlier this year, Apple was ordered to pay VernetX $ 454 million, so this second award will be in addition to that first payment. In this case, VernetX was initially awarded $ 502 million, but the decision was partially overturned in 2019 and sent back to the lower court to determine the new damages.


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