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Apple Held Acquisition Talks With Podcast Network Wondery

Apple Held Acquisition Talks With Podcast Network Wondery


Apple is in talks with the podcast network Miracle About a potential acquisition, reports Bloomberg. Wonder is responsible for popular podcasts including “Dirty John” and “Doctor Death”.

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Wonder is seeking $ 300 to $ 400 million and is in talks with Sony Music Entertainment and other companies. But Spotify is said to be “non-functional.” At that point, Bloomberg It says it marks one of the biggest deals in the podcasting market.

It is expected to establish a deal in the coming months, but it is still unclear whether Apple will go ahead with the purchase as it is still in the negotiation stage. With over eight million monthly viewers in Wonderland, that would be a major milestone in accelerating Apple’s podcasting efforts.

The miraculous acquisition will provide Apple with a library of original content and a source of ideas that could eventually be turned into TV shows. Wonderry is already working on podcast-based TV shows, including the upcoming WeWork series on Apple TV +.

According to rumors this year, Apple hopes to buy exclusive original podcasts to better compete with Spotify’s podcast offerings. Apple is specifically looking for podcasts that can adapt to future TV + content, and plans to create podcasts that enhance its TV programs.

Apple has focused more on its rival, the Spotify podcast, and has bought well-known Gimlet media for podcasts such as “Answer All” and “Return”. Thanks to its growing podcast application in recent years, Apple has long been a leader in the field of podcasting, but Spotfi is entering the podcasting game.

Apple has already acquired several podcasting companies. In 2017 it bought the pop-up archive to enhance its search, and in the early 2020s it acquired Scout FM, which was designed to turn podcasting shows into radio-style venues.


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