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Apple files countersuit against Epic Games seeking punitive damages

Apple files countersuit against Epic Games seeking punitive damages


Last week, developer Epic Games filed a lawsuit seeking to reinstate its popular game, Fortnight, in the App Store. At the same time, Epic wants to reopen its iOS and MacOS developer accounts. Apple has removed the game from its iOS app store and closed Epic ‘developer accounts, with Apple’s platform and technology giant offering a 30% discount on Fortnight users who download the game from the App Store to pay for a direct subscription to Epic. Will usually receive. Epic notes that 33% of Fornite players access the game through the Apple App Store.

Unlike Epic, Apple expects damage from retaliation against Epic Games

To get a list in the App Store, developers like Epic typically agree to Apple offering a 30% discount on any in-app purchases. This so-called Apple tax is considered anti-competitive Apple IOS users are not allowed to download apps from third-party app stores. Users are locked out of the App Store. So what Epic did was considered a breach of Apple’s eye-opening violation debt; By closing Epic’s developer accounts, the developer was prevented from sending updated versions of Fortnight to iPhone users. It stops Epic from presenting its unrealistic engine, which is a game engine used by developers to help them create 3D games.

When Epic filed its lawsuit, the company said it was not looking at Apple to handle free app distribution. It simply wanted to “avoid using Apple’s App Store or IAP (in-app payment) and use and provide competing services.” Today, Apple is competing against Epic Games, accusing the developer of breaching agreements by launching its own game payment system. In a lawsuit filed by Apple on Tuesday, it said, “Although Epic portrays Robin Hood as a modern corporate entity, it’s actually a multi – billion dollar enterprise and does not need to pay anything for the sheer value it simply buys from the App Store. . “Apple shot Tencent; the giant technology company owns 40% of Epic, and Apple points out that Tencent’s app store is one of the largest in the world.

Apple also expects itive damage and wants to block what it calls Epic unfair business practices. In response to a lawsuit filed by Epic last weekend, U.S. District Judge Yvonne Gonzalez Rogers told Epic Lawyer Orney Catherine Forrest that “… you can do irreversible damage when you do damage yourself.” In other words, the judge says Epic created a problem of its own by failing to comply with Apple’s claims.

Google also fired Fortnight from the Google Play Store for the same reason that Apple launched the game from the App Store. Like Apple, Google takes a 30% cut in in-app purchases and does not treat developers who try to avoid paying a 30% cut in it. The difference between Apple and Google is that it allows Android users to set aside apps using a third-party app store, such as the Amazon App Store.

On September 28, Epic will file a lawsuit seeking a preliminary injunction against Apple. The developer’s lawsuit has been filed in its court of law, stating that “Apple is a monopoly, controlling the distribution of all apps on iOS, and controlling all in-app payment settings for digital content on iOS.” Illegally maintained, this market is likely to lose moveHowever, all Epic attempts are to avoid retaliation against Apple Epic for daring to challenge Apple’s misconduct. As detailed in the complaint, on August 13, 2020, Epic ceased to comply with Apple’s anti-competitive rules: it offered its popular game, Fortnight, to players with the option of in-app purchases, a competitive payment processor. This was an essential first step in a long way to free consumers and developers from Apple’s decade’s monopoly on iOS app distribution and in-app payment processing.

Epic does this for the benefit of players and other developers in addition to himself. It will be interesting to see how this legal issue develops over time.


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