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Apple event in September 2020: Everything announced

apple september event 2020 logo


Apple September 2020 Event Logo

Today, an apple festival called “Time Flies” was held. On this occasion, the company launched several updates to its two largest products, the iPad and the Apple Watch.

In addition, the company withdrew from the long-running rumored service known as the Apple One. A new service will be launched later this year.

Did you miss the live stream of the Apple event? Don’t worry! We have summarized everything below.

Apple Watch Series 6 and Watch SE

Apple Watch Series6Apple Watch Series6

Apple Watch’s next action doubles on health tracking features. Apple Watch introduces blood oxygen monitoring into the ecosystem with new sensors in the smartwatch. That means you can monitor your SpO2 levels throughout the day, thereby alerting you to serious health issues in the early stages.

Inside, the Apple Watch Series 6 is powered by the new S6 chipset. This is an optimized version of an iPhone chipset. Undoubtedly, this makes the watch faster and more energy efficient.

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On the outside, Apple is offering more watch faces and a new colorway for the Grade 6: Product Red. This is the first time the product red has entered Apple Watch. There are also new watch straps called solo loops. They do not have clamps or buckles with a single continuous loop that extends around your wrist.

The Apple Watch Series 6 starts at $ 399. Note that there is no power adapter in the box, confirming the possibility of missing the iPhone 12 series adapter.

Finally, there is the latest version of the watch: the Apple Watch SE. It features Grade 6 design features but only has an S5 chip and no high-level health tracking sensors like the SpO2 sensor. It starts at $ 279.

New at this Apple Festival: Fitness Plus

Apple Fitness PlusApple Fitness Plus

Fitness Plus, Apple’s new service with the Apple Watch, works to improve your workouts. You can use your watch with your phone, TV or computer to get advice from trainers on various exercises.

As soon as you start exercising, the Apple Watch will automatically start watching it. Includes some popular exercises such as yoga, rowing, and lifting. For most instructional videos you will need basic equipment such as dumbbells or sometimes no equipment at all.

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You can choose your tracker for your workout through Apple Music. If you are a fan of Apple Music, you can save the playlists used in the Fitness Plus routine for later listening.

Fitness Plus costs $ 9.99 per month or $ 79.99 for an annual subscription. You can share the service with your family and it will be available by the end of the year. Fitness Plus will be available for free for three months for Apple Watch Series 6 buyers.

Apple One

Apple OneApple One

Apple now has a bunch of paid services. Big-time Apple fans have to contribute individually so they can add up fast. Now, there is a new option: Apple One. Everyone’s subscription brings together several Apple services at a relatively low price.

The first package is for individuals. This activation of the Apple One will provide Apple Music, Apple TV Plus, Apple Arcade and 50GB iCloud storage for $ 14.95 per month.

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The second package is for families. For $ 19.95 per month, six family members can enjoy the same services in a single package, but have 200GB of iCloud storage instead of 50GB.

Finally, the third package is called Primer. With this package you will get Apple Music, Apple TV Plus, Apple Arcade, Apple News Plus, now released Apple Fitness Plus and 2TB iCloud storage. It costs $ 29.95 per month and can be shared with up to six family members.

IPad Air (10.9 inches)

Apple iPad Air 2020Apple iPad Air 2020

The iPad Air will receive a new update this year. The larger 10.9-inch display is in the footsteps of the previous iPad Air. Inside, the new A14 chipset (this is the first product with a new chip) makes the iPad more powerful and energy efficient.

There are also new colorways that you can see above. Pink gold, green and blue are the new colors and join the usual black and gray colorways.

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More interestingly, the new iPad Air removes the lightning connector. It has a standard USB-C port in place. We ‘ve already seen this on the iPad Pro, but it’s nice to see that Apple is (very) slowly out of the lightning system.

The new iPad Air starts at $ 599. It will be available in October and will ship with the iPad OS14.

iPad 8th generation (10.2 inches)

Apple iPad 2020Apple iPad 2020

At the Apple Festival today, the company updated the basic iPad, its most popular iPad series. Now in its eighth generation, the classic iPad is faster, more powerful and more energy-efficient, all keeping the old-school design that iPad users already know and understand.

With the exception of some internal enhancements, the iPad is no different than previous iPads. In fact, it gets improvements in the iPad OS and works better with future Apple devices. It will ship with iPad OS 14.

The latest iPad starts at $ 329 and will be available from September 18th.

Close to the Apple event: Software

Apple iPhone xs iOS 13Apple iPhone xs iOS 13

Earlier this year, Apple unveiled the latest functionality for various operating systems that power its products. Although the company has not released any new updates for those platforms as of today, it was revealed that the stable performance of the latest operations will start tomorrow.

That means iOS 14, iPad OS 14, WatchOS 7, etc. will start attacking qualified Apple products on September 16th. Also, all new products announced today will be shipped out with the latest versions.

That’s it for this Apple Festival! The latest iPhone team is likely to launch in October, so it may be connected to new Apple hardware products.


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