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Apple announces new App Store rules

Apple announces new App Store rules


Yes, that is Apple App Store. Most of us (like you) can remember the dirty old apple and Google Always reveals how many apps are in the App Store and Android Market. In late 2009, IDC predicted that the number of apps in front of the iOS Store would increase to 300,000 a year after the launch of Apple’s rumored tablet. You may remember how Apple sold the store. After all, Apple tells us that “there’s an app for that.”

Apple will allow you to get some game streaming services with the advice of the App Store.

Now, with approximately 2.2 billion apps in the app store, the latter has become a legal and regulatory headache for Apple despite the money it makes for its vault. Apple tax on inflation Apple is offering a 30% discount on in-app purchases, and Apple is forcing users to pay more for certain apps because the company does not allow iOS users to install an app from a third-party app store. This is the subject of a class action lawsuit against Apple and investigations by regulatory agencies in the United States and Europe; Last year, the U.S. Supreme Court voted 5-4 It ruled that the plaintiffs could prove that Apple had acted as a monopoly By increasing the price of app store apps. But Apple says its role in the app store is that of an intermediary and should not be named in this case. The Supreme Court has ruled that iPhone and iPad users buy their apps directly from Apple. This allows owners of iOS and iPadOS devices to sue Apple Gambling.

As iOS 14 is about to be released, CNBC reports That Apple has revised its app store guidelines for the upcoming iOS build. These guidelines are used by Apple employees to approve or reject apps and / or app updates in the App Store. This is very timely considering that Apple recently removed the popular Fortnight app from the store and closed the developer accounts belonging to Epic Creed at the end of last month. Epic has violated Apple’s regulations, preventing developers from attempting to work with the 30% Apple tax by offering their own payment system.

Some Fortnight users who downloaded the game from the App Store were given the opportunity to subscribe to Epic by paying a payment bet to Epic. The developer offered Epic presenters a 20% discount of $ 2 (7. $ 7.99). Apple charges $ 9.99 to subscribe to the game via the in-app payment platform.

Apple will now allow some game streaming services like Google Stadia and Microsoft x Cloud with some warnings in front of the iOS App Store. Games should be downloaded from the App Store, not “all in one app”. Developers will be allowed to submit a “directory app” that connects to other games in the service, but each game must be a single application. This means that if a streaming service has 100 games, everyone will need a list of individual app stores and a developer account with Apple. Some kind of basic functionality must be provided when installing the game, and Apple’s in-app purchasing system is likely to be accepted, giving the tech giant a 30% discount on such purchases.

A Microsoft spokesman said: “This is going to be a bad experience for customers. Players, like movies or songs, need to jump directly from their abbreviated directory to a single game in a single app and are not forced to download more than 100 apps to play individually. Sports from the cloud. “Apple wants to be like a bundle of streaming service games, and it’s worth examining each game individually,” he said. The company offers its own set of iOS games that can be subscribed to; Of course this is Apple Arcade.

Another change that Apple has made is that it affects individual lessons offered through the App Store. Apple can now offer such virtual lessons without a 30% cut. However, Apple will still charge 30% for classes taught by one teacher to multiple students.


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