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App gives your Xbox the portable capabilities of the Switch using an iPhone

App gives your Xbox the portable capabilities of the Switch using an iPhone


Says Verg A new Microsoft Xbox app is coming to the iPhone soon, including a feature that allows Xbox One console owners to transport their games to the iPhone. This is different from the XCloud service, where the app’s remote game feature only connects to the user’s Xbox One console instead of connecting to Microsoft servers. This allows users to stream their Xbox consoles via Wi-Fi, 4G LTE, and 5G.
The new app includes features and designs found in the recently released Xbox app for Android, including the ability to set up and install games on the console, open storage space, and use the phone as a remote. Control while playing a game on it. A few weeks ago Apple announced that it was doing just that Allow game streaming services such as Google Stadia and Microsoft x Cloud to enter the app store with one key warning; All games streaming on the iPhone through the app must be listed in the App Store as a single game with a developer account. Apple.
Test Flight Members will test the app on iOS. This means that it should be able to install on the iPhone quickly. The new app will offer the same remote gameplay capabilities as the PS4 Remote Play app available Sony PlayStation 4 users in the App Store and Google Play Store. Another app called OneCast (Priced at $ 11.99 in the App Store) for approximately two years, allowing users to ship Xbox One games to iPhones, iPads, and iPod Touches.


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