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Android 11 on TVs: Here’s what to expect

Android TV channel Customization


Android TV Channel Customization

  • Google unveils Android 11 on Android TV and promises a wave of new features.
  • Less delay audio, better gamepad support, acceleration and privacy updates are part of it.
  • However, it may take months for the update to reach your set.

Google is pursuing an Android 11 mobile release similar to the Android TV and there is a significant improvement in the store – perhaps even under the surface.

The company has Confirmed It now brings a major update with more clear additions, including privacy protection, such as Google Play instant apps, quick PIN codes for content purchases, an enhanced Gboard TV keyboard, and one-time permission requests. Make sure your Android TV device goes to sleep if you turn it off.

Many other enhancements focus on raw performance. You can expect automatic low-delay audio and extended gamepad support, including the Nintendo Switch Pro controller and Steam controller. Google promised to boast of overall speed improvements through better memory management and other changes to Android 11 on the TV.

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For app makers, more shared code and enhanced testing should make it easier to bring apps to Android TV.

Do not expect to see an update on your kit in the near future. Google says Android 11 will reach sellers’ TVs “in the coming months” as they develop and release variants for their hardware. Some will be faster than others, but you will have to wait until 2021 to see all the benefits of the new operating system in your living room.

The update comes in the same way that Google believes it reads a Chromecast dongle based on Android TV. It will be unveiled at the company’s September 30th event and may be one of the first devices to use the Android 11 based platform. If so, this may be your best bet if you insist on the latest software.


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