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Among Us has now surpassed 200 million downloads on mobile

Among Us has now surpassed 200 million downloads on mobile


The spectacularly popular social-reduction game among us has over 200 million downloads on Android and iOS. According to the latest data from Censor Tower, the game has been downloaded 217 million times, dropping to 75 million in October alone. This is higher than mobile powerplaces such as the Grena Fry Free and Subway Surfers, the most downloaded game in October as well as the first week of November.

For those who missed it anyway, it’s a social reduction game closely modeled on the popular party games among us, the Mafia and the Wolf. The game is about you and a group of friends fighting for survival by completing tasks such as various mini-games. The only problem is that there is a cheater Between you (wink), Avoid trying to sabotage your plans and secretly kill staff members. When a body is found, players pick who to blame and remove them from the team (as well as life).

It’s a fun combination of humor and horror, and it makes sense when you consider that its impact also extends from horror movies like Thing to entertainment games.

If you want to see a game out of the game, you can watch the original trailer below:

Censor Tower reports that we have $ 39 million earned from mobile phones, where the game can be played for free, and its monetization revolves mainly around the purchase of character cosmetics.

Although it was re-launched among us in 2018, its huge popularity was mainly due to the fact that the game was shown live and played live via the big Twitch streamers.

So if killing and manipulating friends seems like a good time, you can download it from us Google Play and App Store. For some helpful tips to get you started, check out our guide!


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