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Amazon’s Luna game streaming service takes on Google Stadia

amazon luna game steraming service


amazon luna game steraming service

Amazon did not introduce hardware at its Alexa event – it is Launched Its sports streaming service. Luna Early access to U.S. mainland (you can request access today) and promises to challenge cloud gaming rivals such as Google Stadia, GeForce Now and Microsoft Game Pass Ultimate.

Like its competitors, Luna offers game streams for Fire TV devices, Mac and PC, as well as a variety of devices, including web applications for the iPad and iPhone (Android “coming soon”). You will even get to play the games you see on Twitch. The appeal is the same – it allows you to play advanced games across platforms without having to wait for downloads or install updates.

Paid access is organized into channels. The Luna Plus channel ($ 6 per month on initial entry) offers a set of 50 games, including Controller, Metro Exit and Resident Evil 7. It also opens up 1080p games at 60 frames per second. Allows up to two devices to run at once. There is also a Ubisoft channel that allows only one device at a time but provides final editing for some topics. Assassin’s Creed Valhalla will be available on the channel when it launches.

Amazon Luna controllerAmazon Luna controller

You can use any Bluetooth controller or mouse and keyboard, but also the Luna controller (shown above) that connects directly to the cloud and promises to reduce the delay by up to 30 meters. Game pads allow easy switching between devices without pairing and cost $ 50 in the early stages.

There is no guarantee that Luna will succeed. Stadia has improved considerably in its lifetime but there is no doubt that it is not as popular as the classic console or mobile gaming. The flow of Game Pass Ultimate, meanwhile, is younger than a definite decision.

However, Amazon’s approach to cloud gambling could shake things up. It provides guaranteed access to a significant game from the start and does not have to deal with Apple game streaming restrictions such as Google or Microsoft. Although we do not charge $ 6 per month to retain the Luna Plus outside the original entry, it is subject to the Stadia Pro and GamePass Ultimate. The main hurdle is building a powerful sports library worth spending.

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