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Amazon Shows Prototype of Its Rivian-Built Electric Delivery Van



  • Amazon has unveiled a working prototype of electric distribution vans made by Rivian.
  • The van is equipped with Alexa integration, distribution optimization software and security features including a wholesale door and multiple cameras for a 360-degree view around the van.
  • Electric Rivian vans will begin delivery in 2021, and Amazon says it will have 100,000 aircraft by 2030.

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    We have seen demonstrations. We have seen clay models. Now Amazon and Rivian are showing a working prototype of an Amazon distribution van that is set to appear on the roads and begin offering packages in 2021. This vehicle is one of three models built by Rivian for Amiens. Overall, Amazon says it will have 100,000 power lines by 2030.


    Prototype The information Amazon has gained from working with drivers makes it easy to see how the vehicle facilitates their tasks, adjusts the workspace based on their feedback, and enters and exits the vehicle.

    In addition to the expected built-in television optimization system with Alexa, Amazon and Rivian, and voice control, driver-assistive technology has been added to the high-speed drive, giving the driver a 360-degree view of the van’s exterior. In an ision battle, the driver’s door starts in the middle lane of the rear tower and reaches the other side of the van above the rear door, with a large brake light array sliding up and down instead of exiting, and Amazon calls the cabin a “dance floor” This means that there is more room to move forward. In fact, we think they can dance if the driver has time.

    Amazon Rivian delivery truck


    The van is expected to have a range of 150 miles and is a vehicle capable of delivering the prototype that Amazon is showing today, Rivian said. Amazon vans, like other Rivian vehicles, will be built on the company’s “skateboard” platform. The carmaker has the 2021 R1T electric pickup and 2021 R1S EV SUV in the pipeline and also has financial support from Amazon and Ford.

    The electric Rivian van is part of Amazon’s promise to become pure zero carbon by 2040. Substituting electric vans is a big step in the process when considering how many vehicles are on the roads where the online retailer already offers packages.

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