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Alleged AirPods Studio Depicted in Leaked Image and Video Clip



Rumor has it that Apple is preparing to launch the high-end Apple-branded headphones before the end of 2020, and today can be called an image of “AirPods Studio”. Emerged via Twitter.

The picture, shared by Fudge, who provided accurate information about Apple’s plans in the past, includes black headphones with large long ear cups and a gray cloth pad on the top of the headband, Fudge says. The white version also has a separate video.

BloombergMark Gurman previously said that Apple was working on two editions of AirPods Studio. It’s a high-end premium version, made with fitness-centric and lightweight materials, and Fudge suggests that this is the lightweight “sports” variant.

Gurman described the headphones at the time as having a retro-like look with ear cups and the headphones in the picture with headbands attached to thin metal arms.

Airpods Studio is expected to have interchangeable ear pads and headband pads that will be magnetically attached to the frame, allowing users to switch between different colors and variations for customization purposes.

With these design features, AirPods Studio has around us active noise cancellation, head and neck detection, orientation detection and much more.

There is no word yet on when ‘Airpods Studio’ will launch, but Apple is expected to launch ‘Airpods Studio’ with new iPhone models when the iPhone is set to launch in October.


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