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AI And Personalized Organizational Learning

ai and personalized organizational learning


Rise of AI solutions in employee training

Artificial intelligence (AI) has become a significant part of our lives today and affects everything from our personal lives to our work lives. Whether it’s the various recommendations we get when viewing content or shopping online or monitoring the estimated time of our berber shopping, it’s all courtesy of AI running in the background, interpreting data and identifying patterns faster than humankind.

In corporate training, too, AI has provided great access through a variety of applications and has entered an exciting phase. According to Garter, by 2021, 80% of emerging technologies will be AI-based. that McKinsey The report also predicts that AI could generate between $ 3.5 and $ 5.8 billion annually in the global economy.

AI is definitely big today and one of its biggest paybacks is that it is part of the personalization given to training. Just as personalized recommendations are important to people when they watch Netflix or engage in retail therapy over the Internet, they are also fundamental in training.

Privatization in Corporate Training

The personalization of corporate training is even more important today because companies are already largely taking advantage of the unlimited learning modules in the cloud ecosystem, which means that they may end up providing the same type of training to all their employees. However, in today’s competitive corporate landscape, one-size-fits-all training approaches will not always work.

In addition, because employees always have high-speed Internet access, they can get their own information on what should help them excel at work. In this situation, they are more interested in playing an active role in shaping their learning agenda. Today’s workforce includes Millennials and General Zs, who prefer to self – manage their learning experience, according to LinkedIn. 2020 Workplace Learning Report.

In this context, the privatization of training is now a very important way to provide a customized and highly relevant employee learning experience. By developing a personalized learning path for each employee, L&D teams are better able to enhance and redesign more effectively than generalized training.

AI and privatized corporate training

This is where AI has worked so hard to help learners grow their personalized organizational training that is more than controlling their learning and has a way to manage their progress throughout L&D activities. L&D teams also rely heavily on AI-enabled personalized learning approaches to meet a modern workforce demanding professional development.

With the help of AI, learners can decide their learning direction instead of following pre-determined paths. AI employee training is linked to the workflow and each of them begins to monitor all behaviors in their workplace to create personalized training content. It collects data to determine learners’ knowledge of specific skills and their needs and then develops a constantly evolving learning path for them. In short, AI not only enhances the learning platform, but also responds to the needs of learners by intelligently adapting to their request. In this way, AI allows employees to learn more organically anytime they want. In this process, learning is no longer limited to instruction, it is more about the flow.

In other words, AI brings greater automation, personalization, and scalability of L&D programs to enhance corporate learning. This is the reason for the growing demand for AI-based learning management systems that can absorb knowledge from anywhere and be contextualized for an individual. That is not surprising Oracle study It has been pointed out that 27% of HR leaders believe that artificial intelligence about corporate training will have a positive impact on learning and development.

How to increase AI privatized corporate training

Provides relevant learning

AI-based learning allows employees to access more relevant information in their need than the trainer needs to train the employee. This is an important aspect because we believe that training works best when a person is trained at the time and in the format they want.

Facilitates active career development

AI-based learning can help employees in a very positive way in their career path. Someone is monitoring their progress on a daily, weekly or monthly basis and can provide them with corrective actions to help them move forward in a better way in their careers.

Employees are encouraged to attend training sessions

The biggest problem facing L&D teams is getting employees to train and evaluate. In most cases the completion rate is extremely low. Using AI-based tools, L&D teams will be able to provide relevant content to employees and encourage them to receive training at the same time. Also, AI allows L&D teams to train employees at any time they need the most, instead of waiting for employees to gather at a location to attend a training session.

AI promises to be a powerful tool that empowers L&D teams to create intelligent and high-level training content for employees.

Truly a victory for the workforce as well as the organization.


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