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Adam Franco Built Curvature to Find the Fun Roads

Adam Franco Built Curvature to Find the Fun Roads


Created by Adam Franco, a software developer Curve To analyze tens of millions of roads around the world and to find distorted routes. Use OpenStreetMap (OSM) and the arithmetic ton curve rank the path based on their indirect bit number and quality. The result is a map You want to drive or drive on a sunny day almost everywhere on earth. Our conversation has been lightly edited for length and clarity.

How did the curve begin?

I started riding a motorcycle in 2012 and soon found that leaning into corners was more fun than riding a straight road. So I started creating the curve again in 2012 as a way to look at road data, analyze geometry, and select distorted routes.

Adam FrancoAllison Nihart

How does OSM integrate?

OpenStreetMap is an open data project similar to Wikipedia, but focused on mapping the world instead of an encyclopedia. In the United States, Google has good road data on many roads in the country through proprietary services, but in other parts of the world. The Open Street Map is actually the most detailed, best map you can have. It’s the only map in some places.

How do you use OSM data to determine the path curve?

Curves with a radius of more than 150 meters, it is straight – we do not give any kind of curve weight. The wider the curve, the faster the long curve, the more you feel a bit inclined, I will go Give them a burden one of.

I multiply the weight of one by the length of that section in meters, thereby giving this value for the deformation, the meter of that curve being effectively effective. Even harder angles, let’s say the 50m radius curve, I’ll give it two weights. Below 25m, tight hairstyles, I give them four weights.

Once I put all the parts in the buckets and multiply the weight by the weight, I give the full value of the path, which is the weight of a meter leaning against the corners.

How to remove straight lines?

If for more than two miles we hit a series of sections without an interesting curve, I will break its path in two and remove the straight section. All I have left are the sections of the road and the value of those corners on those roads.

I zero in on the curve for 100 feet, cross-sections, 90-degree turns ‘collision zones’ on each side, so they can’t be weighed and measured. It nullifies many of the distortions one can find in the urban environment.

Can you find a place?

I am currently searching. Another feature I hope to add is bookmark saving so that someone can build routes and share them with people.

This seems like a ton of work for a hobby project.

I’ve worked on it for more than a motorcycle ride, and it could be a bit of an imbalance I hope to fix.

curve map italy 1604850622

Have you ever driven a car on the roads you found on the curve?

I have a Subaru Impressa. It’s an Imprison Sport, but it’s not a particularly sporty car. So I enjoy driving hard, and my love for the car’s curved roads is a little less than I had any other machine.

What has the curve taught you?

The Department of Highways has developed a large number of small non-main roads and small non-hilly roads to the locations.

Have you been surprised by the detours?

Japan is kind of crazy. I’ve never been there but all of their roads seem to have sidewalks. Outside of the densely populated plains, Japan is nothing but twisted roads.

Wherever you want to go?

Certainly the Alps, and there is a special route in Norway that really makes it a loop to a hillside.

Is there a community profile? How can someone help?

The program that performs all calculations is open source software under the GNU Public License Available from Github.

I have a lot of errors, for example, not going around the circle and getting stuck in a loop – someone with programming skills can try to work for it. The biggest way people can contribute is to edit OpenStreetMap. In many parts of the world, road damage is the smartest thing to do. Not all roads are marked as sidewalks or sidewalks.

If people want to make a financial contribution to this project, there is a donation button on the website. But I want to find these because I find them interesting, and feed that interest to others who map the world and improve the map.

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