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A Three-Step Guide To Simplify Modern Learning

eBook Release Beyond Buzzwords A Three step Guide To Simplify Modern Learning


Trying to simplify modern learning

Attempting to define and simplify modern learning can be particularly challenging, as “modern” can mean different things to different people. It is natural to make a connection between the latest trends and the modern idea. However, it is important to be able to distinguish between mere language terms that try to win their place and be exaggerated without bringing something new to the table as part of a concert of real trends and professionals who have proven their worth. Buzzwords can be incredibly dangerous as they can confuse and mislead professionals, create an atmosphere of distrust and delight learners.

E-book release

Beyond Buzzwords: A Three-Step Guide to Simplifying Modern Learning

Download this e-book for real-world advice on how to simplify learning to achieve important results.

SAP Litmos’ latest e-book Beyond Wordwords: A Three-Step Guide to Simplifying Modern Learning addresses this issue very seriously. It does not simply analyze the potential harm of language terms, but describes a 3-step plan that explains how and why modern learning should be simplified to maximize its effectiveness.

About the e-book Beyond Passwords: A Three-Step Guide to Simplifying Modern Learning

The structure of the e-book is very simple. It is divided into 3 chapters.

Test your beliefs as a learning professional

The first chapter of the e-book, the first step in the plan, discusses how an e-learning professional should question their professional beliefs before developing. It is natural for everyone to sometimes insist on ways of thinking that are now outdated or proven wrong. The best way to deal with this is to always try to look at things from a new perspective and a refreshing perspective.

There are many beliefs that can be proven to be problematic and / or false. For example, many organizations have a mindset of selling a good learning product, which can not be far from the truth. Some think of their LMS as a training vending machine while others underestimate the amount that the L&D team should keep after launch.

Assess who your learners are and what they expect

The next step is to understand learning identity and manage expectations. This chapter focuses on being on the same page with your audience. Here are some tips on how to communicate the value of your e-learning:

  • Create a “sales” mindset while gaining value in your own programs
  • Often meet with managers and explain your vision
  • Contact your organization’s leaders to improve your company’s learning culture and budget
  • Promote value to individuals

Build 3 modern learning towers

The final step in the simplification process is to understand and use the 3 modern learning towers. These towers are as follows:

  • Continuing learning
    Modern learning must be continuous. Training is a continuous process, not a one-on-one activity that takes place at one particular point in one’s life. Modern learning should be a gift. The demands of the current work environment will never stop shifting.
  • Content-rich learning
    Modern learning should also be rich in content. Technology offers an amazing opportunity: the ability to enhance your training program with content you have not developed yourself. This is a great way to keep things interesting and keep your learners engaged.
  • Instant learning
    The final pillar of modern learning is the ability to learn immediately. Information should be available as soon as it is needed, just as modern search engines do.

in conclusion

A three-step e-book to simplify modern learning: Understands the basics of adapting to modern learning principles. Its purpose is to help organizations grow by focusing on what is needed for their L&D proposals and avoiding the most common mistakes in the industry. Learning professionals will appreciate the clear structure of the ebook and the efficiency of the 3-step plan is truly commendable. With these 3 steps, you have an outline for building an effective modern learning program that will have a measurable impact on your organization. Ultimately, by following these steps you will be able to express many of the results you are looking for, but at least modern learners will not have the strength to thrive in the face of the unparalleled demands of the modern workplace.

E-book release: Thoughtful


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