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5 Key Benefits Of Game-Based Learning

5 key benefits of game based learning


Understand the science behind serious learning games

“Serious Learning Sports.” Like Oxymoron, right? How can something be serious and sporty? Well, while the purpose of a game is fun, the content, narration and success of the game can be serious. We look at five critical features of game-based learning and explore the truth behind the science behind serious learning games. Discover how corporations can benefit and enjoy higher employment and productivity Adding sports to their learning and development (L&D) programs.

Top 5 Sports-Based Learning Benefits

  1. The fun of drowning in sports
  2. Measures of personalized learning
  3. Normalizing failure
  4. Immediate feedback
  5. Using both the cognitive and affective brain

The fun of drowning in sports

Interest is a “powerful motivational process” and has proven to greatly enhance learning when done correctly. [1]. A sport, any sport, but especially the player playing Enjoy Automatically connects that player. Athletes with a fascinating sport (difficult or obscure) are a learning topic and athletes are fully absorbed into the sport and involved in the task at hand.

Game-based learning provides a range of information, from customer service policies to pilot flight simulators and hospital wings. [2] to Cyber ​​security Can be learned through sports. These areas with complex layers of knowledge and skills requirements can be easily subdivided into consumable information and manageable parts.

Learning is personalized and quantitative

Measuring individual performance can be a daunting task. Annual reviews by many employees are often dismissed as ineffective feedback. However, these brief meetings with managers often provide opportunities for employees to articulate learning needs and review their performance. Learning plans can be personalized but only to a limited extent; Groups with similar roles are often pushed towards achieving collective goals or benchmarks. There is little personalization and personalization of learning plans. Learning objectives are broad. Personalized learning can be more difficult to quantify and justify (read: time consuming).

Include sports-based learning, A solution that includes a dashboard for the learning and development team and a learning environment with personalized visits for each employee. Employers can monitor, record, and analyze individual activity in relation to clicks; Learning management software integrates and summarizes data. Better yet, just as this happens as the learner plays, employers can customize the learner’s game content as needed. For areas with high risk of failure or failure, employers can create additional tasks and tests. Individuals can now get the support they need without wasting the time of the L&D team and consuming the learning resources that other employees need.

The stigma of failure

The unacceptability of children, the reflection of our morals and identity, and the failure to do what we feel is bad are drumming from within us. Mistakes cause us to be punished again and again in life. Forgot to pay for parking? Here is a fine of 20 times its value. It is not surprising to think of employees making mistakes in the workplace and being humiliated among their peers and ashamed to look at their bosses. The irony of all this is that we need to Risk and courage to help us grow And, through mistakes and failures, employees develop a growth mindset that ultimately leads to their success [3].

Game-based learning answers. Serious learning sports allow people to make tough choices, feel vulnerable or stupid, make mistakes … and get everything right. Therefore, when a learner consistently strikes a success rate of 60%, all is not lost. On its face, the statistics look bad. But dig deeper, more robust development is taking place. These employees develop their emotional intelligence, experience real-world consequences in safe, controlled, and emulated environments, and are eager to try again and correct it.

At the same time, analytics becomes a scary record on statistics and instead becomes everyone’s best friend. Low test scores are, at the outset, the most accurate indicators and benchmarks of understanding. Game-based learning analysis These employees can point out exactly where they are failing, allowing L&D teams to easily identify areas where people are doing the worst, and can provide additional learning to encourage repeated attempts. Say goodbye to the lucky first time disguised as compact knowledge; Game-based learning technology guarantees everyone Really They know what they are talking about.

Immediate feedback

Employees who receive more feedback perform better [4]. One study [5] It shows that 43% of top employees receive weekly feedback. Game-based feedback can be as effective as. Ask anyone about the best things to do with a test, and they will say, “When it’s over,” or “When I get my test results back, they are fine.” Live feedback results, instant feedback and easily accessible information about their performance give employees the motivation they need to attack dopamine and continue to improve their performance.

In summary: There are some amazing features to sports-based learning

Game-based learning allows learners to immerse themselves in learning. At the same time, employers can easily record and evaluate data and change their learning strategies accordingly. This flexible, mixed learning approach allows employees the freedom to learn at their own pace, in a secure environment, with clear objectives. All the benefits of game-based learning are as good as the next, making them an essential part of every L&D team’s strategy.


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