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3 Popular VILT Platforms And Their Features

3 Popular VILT Platforms And Their Features


The science of Wilt platforms and their features

Understanding the features of a VILT platform is not an easy task. A common question many organizations have when starting with virtual training is, “Which of all the options out there – Zoom, Adobe Connect, Microsoft Groups, Cisco Webex – should we choose?

Our response?

“It all depends on your training needs.”

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That’s not the most straightforward answer, but it is. All VILT platforms have a few common features – chat, video conferencing, voting and recording. Beyond these essentials, it also provides integration with most whiteboards, fast rooms and other platforms.

Adobe connection

If you are looking for an attractive VILT platform with many features that ensure information security, you can not go wrong with Adobe Friend Connect. It offers a fantastic virtual classroom environment that takes learner participation to the next level:

  • The living room
    They can best be described as personalized virtual classrooms used by instructors for specific training topics. Each continuous room has its own content library where instructors can store media assets and files to be used during training sessions.
  • Quick rooms
    They allow learners to participate in group activities, facilitate interaction, brainstorming and collaborative learning. Adobe Connect allows for up to 20 quick rooms in a VILT session.
  • Back row tools
    They are more for the benefit of consultants, as they allow them to collaborate with other advisors, chat, share notes, obtain files and resources, prepare online polls, and personally discuss the results of polls and activities in person. Is.

Adobe Connect also allows you to record, edit and broadcast live videos for on-demand learning. It can use API plugins to easily connect with multiple LMS and work with Adobe platforms such as Adobe Illustrator to create quizzes, simulations, and other interactions for the virtual classroom.

All these interactive features are easily accessible via mobile devices (both Android and iOS). Adobe Connect is a mobile application for Android and iOS devices that can monitor learning activities and provide detailed analytics reports during the Wilt session.

Cisco Webex

The Cisco Webex platform is based on the simple but powerful concept of “keeping your team connected and keeping your work safe”. It allows for hassle-free video conferencing. Most importantly, since it is designed to accommodate large-scale virtual events, it does not limit the number of participants when used for a virtual classroom.

In addition to the usual chat and screen sharing features, Cisco Webex also has interactive whiteboards and file sharing for collaborative learning. It also allows for faster video-based sessions. Being a mobile-friendly platform, it allows you to connect and connect with any participant anytime, anywhere.

Perhaps the most important feature of Cisco Webex is its ability to integrate with a range of external platforms, such as cloud-based file transfer, social media, or sales management. It can work synced with your Google Drive and Calendar, MS Outlook, Twitter and sales force.

But working with external platforms does not detract from the Cisco Webex data security. It provides encryption from the end of shared files and works with Data Loss Prevention (DLP) and Cisco Cloudlock.


One of the most common challenges faced when choosing a VILT is the ease with which classroom coaches can use technology and navigate VILT platforms.

This is what sets Vedamo apart from the scores on the Wilt platforms on the market. Many of them focus on interactions and externalities, while Vedamo focuses on making it easier for counselors. It is a platform created by consultants for consultants and is proud to have the most user-friendly interface of all and is extremely easy to navigate.

Being user-friendly does not mean that it lacks interactive features. Wedamo has a range of easy-to-use tools, including online whiteboards, screen sharing and virtual outlets. It is a responsive VILT platform that gives learners the flexibility to learn at their own discretion.

You need a large Wilt platform with many features

There are various aspects of VILT beyond choosing the right platform. E-Books Virtual Instructor-Leadership Training: Download a beginner’s guide to training technology, collaborative trainers and motivate learners.

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