Good news for all emoji lovers: 217 new emojis have been added to the final emoji 13.1 list, which means you’ll get a few more faces to send to your friends via SMS. Most of these are just changes in skin tone, but there are a few completely new emojis.

Emoji 13.1 was created as a by-product of the Emoji 14.0 delay caused by the plague, as a redesign for those of you who do not follow the Emoji Saga by delay The final list on Emoji 217 for Emoji 13.1 includes a face that allows you to breathe, a face hidden in the clouds, a face with a twist, a smooth heart, a heart with fire, a man with a beard and a woman with a beard. There are also several different skin tones for the newlyweds’ emoji. You can watch them all below.

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Since Emoji 13.0 is not connected to most devices (Google and Samsung have recently pushed them into their devices), it will take some time for 13.1 to hit our phones and tablets. Expect it to come in 2021.