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2021 Tesla Model S Review, Pricing, and Specs

2020 tesla model s 113



Tesla’s Model S sedan is the first great market car to prove that electric vehicles are fun, eco-friendly, viable for everyday transportation and even usable for long journeys. The Model S does even better for the 2021. Depending on the team you choose, the Model S can travel between 348 and 520 miles on a single charge and can deliver explosive acceleration performance as opposed to some of the best supercars in the world. Tesla now sells more practical and affordable models such as the Model Y SUV and Model 3 sedan, but remains the leader in the Model S brand. Its interior can accommodate up to four adults but does not conform to luxury prices. With increasing pressure from rivals such as the Porsche Token and the upcoming Lucid Air, the Model S will no longer be in the same class, but for some buyers, the car’s athletic chassis, ridiculous driving style, and unique range are enough to sell them the Tesla EV Lifestyle.

What’s new for 2021?

For 2021, Tesla will introduce the performance-based Model S rather than the so-called performance model. The high-spec model will be called the Plaid, and the 1100-horsepower 1100-horsepower motorcycle boasts three electric motors that can go from 60 to 60 miles per hour in less than two seconds. Tesla claims that in addition to its impressive power and speed credentials, it can deliver a range of 520 miles.

Pricing and the one to buy

    We choose the mid-level performance model over the Long Range Plus base. Doing so will lock out the Model S’s ridiculous driving mode, allowing it to run from zero to 60-hours in 3.0 seconds. The noise of the 1100-hp plaid model is powerful, but it represents a low-cost six-demand – unless you have to have a car with high fuel drag performance.

    Engine, transmission and performance

    Dedicated to an electric motor for each front and rear axle, the Model S offers a full-time all-wheel drive, whichever version you choose. Acceleration of different modes ranges from significant to extreme. We haven’t tested the Model S Long Range Plus yet, but our 2020 Model S performance test vehicle delivered a top speed of 2.4 seconds, 2.4 seconds and 60 miles per hour, thanks to its instantaneous power supply. If that’s not enough for you, the Model S will now offer an even crazier (ironically) more powerful plaid model, adding a third electric motor to increase the combined output to 1100 horsepower. Tesla has not yet released the beast into the wild, but it claims it can travel at speeds of 60 to 60 miles per hour in less than two seconds. It’s going to be the fastest car at 60 miles per hour we’ve ever tried, so we’ll have to take it to the track to see if its performance is exaggerated. The standard Model S proves to be a fast-paced sports sedan with well-controlled body movements and direct steering. Two different settings allow drivers to choose a heavier or lighter steering effort, but neither can provide much feedback along the way. The ride is comfortable, the handling is crunchy, and it is confident and calm on the highway.

    Range, charge and battery life

    Underneath Tesla’s deck is a battery pack that provides a low center of gravity and evenly distributes the load from front to back. Driver range and acceleration functionality vary from model to model, while the Long Range Plus version offers a range of 402 miles and offers a performance mode of up to 348. The new plaid mode range may be of interest to those looking to extend the range. Furthermore, according to Tesla, it is possible to drive up to 520 miles between fares. That number is attributed to Lucid Motors and its air luxury sedan, which is rated at 517 miles per charge.

    Fuel economy and real-world MPG

    While EVs like the Chevy Bolt and Polester 2 offer a serviceable driving range, the Model S remains an attractive option for gas-powered vehicles in remote use. The Long Range Plus model has the highest MPG ratings of 121 cities and 112 highways. Going with the performance mode, when the car is paired with the optional 21-inch wheels, that number drops to 98 MPGe City and 96 MPGe Expressways. The EPA has not yet released fuel economy estimates for the new plaid model. In our real world, the high-speed fuel economy test of 75 miles per hour, the 2020 Model S performance, revealed a 322-mile highway number relative to its 326-mile EPA estimated driving range.

    Interior, comfort and goods

    Since the Model S is priced at close to $ 80,000, it would be reasonable for buyers to expect a certain amount of luxury in the car. The cabin atmosphere is quite good, but it is not as plush as our favorites Mercedes Benz E-Class and Volvo S90. A few bugs, such as poorly lined interior panels, remind us that Tesla is still experiencing some of the pain of growing as a new carmaker. The sloping roof of the Model S hides an elevator in the back, revealing a cubic 26-foot-tall trunk. We were able to store eight cases the size of ours without bending the rear seats. Small luggage compartments with small items are cut across the interior, especially in the back seat – from the large basement of the rear luggage compartment.

    Mark UrbanoCars and drivers

    Information and connection

    Fans of modern minimalism will love the Model S cabin, which has a giant infotainment screen that controls all the activities of the vehicle. Technofiles will exist in heaven, but we will not completely sell them. Positioning the screen on the dashboard Some drivers will need to lean forward in their seats to reach certain icons, especially those near the top right of the display.

    Safety and driver assistance features

    The Model S has sparked a nationwide debate about the safety of semi-automated vehicles, and although there have been reports of fires following certain high-speed impacts, the Insurance Institute for Speed ​​Safety’s good crash-test results improve its safety reliability. Car fires are not uncommon in electric or gas powered vehicles. Among the key security features:

    • Standard automatic emergency braking
    • Standard lane exit warning
    • Adaptive controls with semi-automatic driving mode

      Liability and maintenance coverage

      Tesla offers a comprehensive warranty package to protect the Model S ‘powertrain and hybrid components, but the Jaguar i-Pace does not have the long bumper to bumper cover and complementary maintenance packages.

      • Limited warranty covers four years or 50,000 miles
      • The powertrain warranty covers eight years and unlimited miles
      • No complementary scheduled maintenance



        2020 Tesla Model S Performance

        Vehicle type
        Front and middle motor, all-wheel drive, 5-passenger, 4-door hatchback

        Checked price
        $ 108,690 (base price: $ 96,190)

        Front: permanent-magnetic synchronous AC, 275 hp, 310 lb-ft; Rear: Induction AC, 503 hp, 531 lb-ft; 98.0-kWh lithium-ion battery pack

        Single speed direct drive

        Suspension (F / R): multilink / multilink
        Brakes (F / R): 14.0-in vented disc / 14.4-in vented disc
        Tires: Michelin Pilot Sport 4S, F: 245/35 R-21 96Y to R: 265/35 R-221 101Y

        Wheelchair: 116.5 in
        Length: 195.7 in
        Width: 77.3 in
        Height: 56.9 in
        Passenger volume: 95 feet3
        Cargo volume: 26 feet3
        Lose weight: 4998 lb.

        C / D Test results
        60 mph: 2.4 seconds
        100 miles per hour: 6.1 seconds
        130 mph: 11.4 seconds
        150 mph: 19.3 seconds
        1/4 mile: 10.6 @ 126 mph
        Top speed (claim in mfr): 163 mph
        Fixed start times avoid 0.3 seconds 1 foot roll.

        Combined / City / Highway: 97/98/96 MPGe
        Range: 326 miles

        More features and specifications


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