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10 best calendar apps for Android

Google Calendar best calendar apps for android


Photo of Google Calendar, one of the best calendar apps for Android.
Calendars are useful tools. Even paper is great for memorizing paper, removing trash, and writing down family birthdays. Some of the first mobile applications were diaries and calendars. They are still useful today for things similar to their ancient paper ancestors. Surprisingly, the technology behind calendars has changed little over the years. Many calendar apps are still huge diaries with customization features. Still, there are plenty of great ones. Here are the best calendar apps to keep you organized!

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price: free

Calendar.AI is a better calendar solution that uses advanced algorithms and platform hooks to make life easier for you. It packs a lot of smart features for meeting assistants, such as voting, smart scheduling and AI-led research, so that relevant information is automatically generated across the web, so you always know who you are talking to and where they are coming from. You will nail every first impression.

Calendar.AI integrates with other applications such as LinkedIn and Google Suite to share information with clients and team members. Calendar.AI is more than just another calendar app; It’s a whole new way of thinking about organizing your life.


price: Free / up to $ 5.99

aCalendar is one of the classic calendar apps. It contains various calendars, reminders, notifications and much more. The app also includes custom features, Google Calendar support, functions, themes, and special features such as moon phases and holidays. The developer contributes 10% of all application revenue to rainforest conservation. We like it a lot. The app has a free version and a pro version with a reasonable price. It has also recently undergone a complete overhaul.

aCalendar - One of the best calendar apps for AndroidaCalendar - One of the best calendar apps for Android functions and calendar

price: Free / $ 2.09- 99 2.99 per month (billed annually) is a to-do list and calendar. It has the best of both worlds. It includes a large overview of the calendar with in-depth functionality of listing tasks. It also supports Facebook, Google and Outlook calendars. It makes it great for multi-stage fans. The UI is a material design and is great. The only downside is the price. It requires a contribution. It makes it difficult to recommend something cheap and simple to those who need it. This is more for technology production produc.

Business Calendar2

price: Free / up to $ 6.99

Business Calendar 2 is an amazingly popular calendar app. The app comes with good customization features. It includes nearly a dozen themes, seven calendar widgets, and various calendar calendars. Like any good business calendar, it also includes support for Google Calendar and Exchange Calendar. It even has weather information along with everything else. We like that it supports sub-tasks, what you usually do is just list apps. If you use it, it is also free through Google Play Pass.

Notify the calendar

price: Free / up to $ 5.49

Calendar Notification is one of the latest calendar apps on this list. It has a complete set of customization tools and does a lot of the right thing, including a seemingly UI. The premium version also comes with more advanced customization tools. Basically, you get Google Calendar as well as any other calendar that supports Android Calendar. The app does the basics without any issues, but its big draw is the customization and the fact that users go beyond their calendars.

Home Calendar by Order

price: $ 1.99

Home Calendar Calendar Widget is another latest calendar app. It integrates with Google Calendar for everything except reminders. It has a clean and customizable calendar widget with a clean UI. You can change the theme a bit and even show or hide events as you see fit. It’s a little different in this space, but it’s one of the best calendar widget apps we ‘ve ever seen.

Calendar by Home Agenda - Best New Android AppsCalendar by Home Agenda - Best New Android Apps


price: Free / $ 5.99

CalenGoo is a serious calendar app. It has a number of features, including support for Google Calendar and Exchange Calendar. It has customization options, good event options, recurring events and more. The app does not have a large list of additional features. However, it does more basic things than most. It even helps to share calendars with other people. It makes it great for family or work use. There is a free trial. The pro version goes for $ 5.99. If you use it, it is also free through Google Play Pass.

CalenGoo Screenshot 2020CalenGoo Screenshot 2020

Digi Cal Calendar Agenda

price: Free / up to $ 4.99

Digi Call Calendar is a solid calendar app. It contains material design, dark theme, add-on tones and more. Some add-ons include sports calendars, TV schedules, and more than 500,000 events. Other features include support for themes, weather information, calendar widgets and Google Calendar, Exchange Calendar and Outlook Calendar. The free version has many features and the pro version has it all. It’s just a bug, but nothing serious.

Screenshot of the Digi Cal calendar agendaScreenshot of the Digi Cal calendar agenda

Google Calendar

price: free

Google Calendar is the actual application for calendars. It comes in bulk on most devices. Many other calendar apps integrate directly with it. In terms of features it is quite basic. It does the usual things. There is not much in the way of customizing or processing them. However, it has a good web interface, calendar add-ons and more fun stuff. Plus, Google updates it frequently with new features. It’s completely free with no in-app purchases.

Simple Calendar Pro

price: $ 0.99

Simple Calendar Pro is a simple calendar. That is its main feature. It has nothing to do with external calendars or anything like Google Calendar. Optional Caldavi support. Otherwise, the calendar is almost completely off the network. There is a free version here but it is no longer supported. The current variant goes for $ 0.99 with no additional ads or in-app purchases. It is a completely open source and relatively inexpensive. This is a good option for those who want a minimal environment and may not need everything stored in the cloud.

Simple Calendar Pro Screenshot 2020Simple Calendar Pro Screenshot 2020

Bonus: Other apps with integrated calendars

price: free

Calendar apps are great. However, some people need a basic solution. Sometimes, other applications include a calendar as part of the functionality. Those calendars are not so powerful, but they do the job for the basics. Some email applications, such as Newton or Outlook, have calendars. There are also calendar widgets in widget packages such as Beautiful Widgets and HD Widgets. Calendars are even built into some to-do list apps like TickTick. There is even a calendar on Facebook. Here is a long list. We recommend exploring applications that cover multiple foundations. This is a good start for basic calendar usage.

Microsoft Outlook Screenshot 2020Microsoft Outlook Screenshot 2020

Bonus: Stock calendar apps

price: Free (usually)

In fact, stock calendar apps on most phones work well for basic needs. They can do repetitive tasks (usually), remind you of upcoming holidays, and create meetings and events. They do not have additional features like calendar apps above, but some people do not always need them. Plus, most of them are at least integrated with Google and Facebook Calendar. They are free and pre-installed. These apps are usually free and already on your device and do the basics. If for some reason you do not want to use Gmail, it’s worth it.

Samsung Email Screenshot 2020Samsung Email Screenshot 2020

If we missed great calendar apps for Android, let us know about them in the comments! you Click here to see our latest Android app and game list!


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